Geet Big Shakes, The Great British Cupcakery

*Warning* Not for those on a diet!

There have been so many reports of ‘freakshakes’ – crazy looking milkshakes topped with pretzels, slabs of cake, etc. This was best demonstrated by Patissez, a cafe in Canberra, and people were queuing for up to an hour to sample these now legendary treats. A trip to Australia was out of the question, so I had to hunt for a more convenient place to try one of these bad boys out for myself. Pouring over Instagram I stumbled across this photo posted by GB Cupcakery, located on Newcastle’s Quayside. No blogger worth their salt would pass up an opportunity to indulge like this!

imageBilled as an ice cream based milkshake blended with homemade ingredients, I struggled to choose between the flavours. Cushty Cookie Dough, Vanilla Thrilla, Choocy Road and Canny Caramel  (£5 each) all sounded pretty good to me, but felt I had to stay true to my roots and opt for the Canny variety. Their own salted caramel sauce is mixed with vanilla ice cream, topped with Madagascan cream and served garnished with a chocolate brownie.

imageimagePresented with a behemoth like this, where do you begin?! I started with the brownie, which had was chewy and fudge-y. I’d expect nothing less than perfection from a bakehouse! The milkshake was thick, creamy and thankfully not too sickly sweet. The salted caramel was fantastic and I took the opportunity to spoon up the remnants from the side of the Kilner Jar. The paper straw did struggle with the consistency, so towards the end I disposed of it and drank directly from the glass. I made sure I wasn’t sporting a ‘cream tache’ before I walked back out onto the Quayside 🙂

imageI wasn’t in the mood for anything else afterwards, but took the opportunity to pick up some cupcakes for work. With Kaspa’s and Creams opening of late in the Toon, GB Cupcakery is going to give them a run for their money with these Geet Big Shakes. We’ve always been fans of the parlour, and would recommend a visit if you’re in the vicinity.

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