The War of the Waffles, A Dessert Round Up

Pandering to the Teen’s desire to eat dessert all the time there were two places I was interested in trying out for the blog. Both are pudding paradises, and I figured my sweet-toothed readers would appreciate the heads-up on these relatively new establishments. Enjoy!

Gelatorious, Heaton

imageHearing that the ‘crew’ of Geordie Shore loves an eatery is a surefire way to get me to run in the opposite direction, but I ignored my misgivings based on The Chronicle’s reporting of such a fact and made a beeline to try out the desserts served up at Gelatorious.

imageWe were surprised by the selection of sweets on offer for such a small outlet just off Chillingham Road. The teen was adamant he was going to try out the waffles, while I wanted to try out one of the many Mark Toney ice cream flavours on offer. I was pleased to see one local business supporting another, and talked to Jimmy (Haghighat, one of the local lads who owns Gelatorious) as he was preparing our desserts.

imageFrom milkshakes to sundaes, a selection of cakes on offer and the traditional cone, Gelatorious is trying to cater to all tastes. We even discussed dairy-free ice cream, so fingers crossed they take on board the suggestion and start catering for those with a lactose intolerance or vegans!

imageThe Teen’s waffle was topped with chocolate sauce, crumbled Flake chocolate and Cookies and Cream ice cream.  At £3.50 (or £2.50 without the ice cream) these were decent value compared to other dessert outlets in the area like Creams or Kaspas. For those watching their weight the waffles can be topped with fruit, but I’m not imagining many take them up on the option! He also had an Oreo Cookie Milkshake (£4) on the side, which was thick and creamy.

imageI ordered the ‘Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang’, or some such moniker inspired by an American rapper. All I know I ate cake layered with ice cream, sauce and cream, served up in a plastic container. The gold balls decorating it didn’t add much to the flavour, but it made my pudding look ‘the biz’.

imageWith a delivery service also now available, I imagine students in the Heaton area are clamouring over these decadent desserts when wrestling with the post-pub munchies. With the graffiti outside and big blokes serving behind the counter Gelatorious could be a bit intimidating but, like Mr. Whippy, there’s a soft side. It was nice to see families popping in on the sunny day, and Jimmy cooed over little Dinky. With big plans for the future, this may not be the only outlet we see in the area under this brand.

The Pudding Parlour, Grainger Market

imageHaving only recently opened in the historic Grainger Market, The Pudding Parlour has enjoyed our patronage in many different locations since the family-run business started out. Stocked in many local independent cafes like Jiggery Pokery, as well as their own parlours in Hexham and Morpeth, this new store was going to be too handy for the cake lovers of Newcastle to pop into when in need of a sugar rush.

imageimageWith a counter full of incredible cakes, tray bakes and cheesecakes, the Teen was in dessert heaven. We had to buy a selection to take home with us, including the delicious Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake pictured above.

imageimageWhat he was most excited about trying was their warm waffles, which were whipped up for him as we waited. At £2.99 and with a selection of toppings (Bubblegum, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate & Peanut Butter as a taster), I see La Petite Creperie having a rival for his affections when we’re visiting the market in the future.

imageSo, in the interests of doing food blogging properly I asked him which waffles he preferred. He said the actual waffles from Gelatorious were nicer than The Pudding Parlour, but he liked their toppings better. Unlike his mother, he’s clearly trying to be magnanimous. Try both out and judge for yourself!

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. Ami

    I tried finding the pudding parlour in the Grainger market the other day and ended up giving up, all the aisles look the same to me! I’ll have to have another go as their instagram always looks amazing x

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Opposite M&S in the market if that helps!

  2. Leanne J

    Gelatorious’ offerings looking amazing there! But I’m very disappointed to see plastic trays and plastic cups, even when sitting in 🙁 So I’ll sadly have to give it a miss.


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