Working our way through the menu at Grumpy Panda

If you’ve already read our previous review of Grumpy Panda – the North East’s first vegan diner experience – you’ll know we were big fans of the ‘junk food’ on offer. Its proximity to where I live means it is almost too easy to pop in if I’m feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to cook.

Dinky is a big fan of their child friendly area to the rear

Since it opened on the 4th July we have visited at least twice a week. The plan is to slowly work our way through the menu during each trip there, although the Chikin & Waffles have become legendary and been recommended to whoever we have dined with!

I decided to create a bit of a photo diary of all that’s on offer to act as a temptation for those who haven’t visited or those who have and should return! With a specials menu, children’s area, dairy-free milkshakes and the famous Kraken Challenge, which has yet to be defeated, there’s plenty of reasons to eat at Grumpy Panda.

Vegan Cookies & Cream Milkshake

Dinky enjoying a Mud Pie Milkshake

Who doesn’t love a Party Ring biscuit?

The milkshakes are made blending together bananas and soya milk. The first we tried was the Cookies & Cream and it was ace! These would also be suitable for those with a dairy allergy.

Chikin & Waffles

The Seitan Chikin & Waffles impressed my non-veggie sister and Mr. Canny said he loved the white gravy it is smothered in.

The Canny Dog

Having seen my sister eat a Macaroni Cheese-topped Hot Dog at The Tyne Bar I asked Phil to create a vegan version for me at Grumpy Panda. Thus the Canny Dog was born. 

Their meat-free dog was topped with Mac ‘N’ Cheez and crispy onions. You should definitely try one the next time you visit!

The Cheezstake

One of my new favourites is the Wings ‘N’ Slaw combo. The coated cauliflower is fried and topped with a choice of sauces. I was told the Buffalo is super hot so have always opted for the others when ordering these delicious morsels.The BBQ sauce works well with the sweetness of the ‘wings’, in my opinion.

Full Fry Up

Consisting of Baecon, Eggz, Pigless Pudding, Tomato, Mushrooms, Beans & Toast this is a monster breakfast. The fake eggs, cheese and meat are all made by Grumpy Panda themselves so they can tell you exactly what has gone into them. No worrying you’re being ‘accidentally’ served something from an animal here!

The Big Kahuna

The Clubhouse

Buttermilk Pancakes and Baecon

Chilli Cheezstake Fries

The Oklahoma is OK

The Mac ‘n’ Stack – The Teen’s favourite burger from Grumpy Panda

The Panda Style Burger

The Chilli Dog

The Cuban – Baecon, mustard, and lots of pickles

The ‘Chip Shop’ Doner – One of my favourites

The Pretzel Stack Special

The BBQ Brisket Special

I will keep adding to this as I work my way through the options so keep stopping by 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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