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While on our jaunt to Brazil, Mr. Canny introduced me to the dining wonder that is ‘weigh and pay’. There are many establishments over there that have a Pick ‘N’ Mix approach to how you pay for the food you want. Quite the revelation for me, and I took great delight in choosing my ice cream and sauces and parting with less than a pound for the privilege!

I would love this idea to take off in Blighty, but in the meantime I have to console myself with the discovery of yet another dessert emporium in the area. Before Jnr broke up for the summer holidays I stumbled across Iglouu, not far from his school in Jesmond and near to the fabulous Cake Stories. At the time it was closed for refurbishment, which happened to be worse luck for the owner as it was during a spell of gloriously sunny weather!

pinguWe returned this week despite the weather, looking for some sweet treats to cheer us up on an otherwise gloomy afternoon. It was a miracle Jnr vacated his room to accompany me, but it was on the promise I would return him by 5pm so he could engage in some online battle with his friends. He did tell me the name, but I forgot.

menuWe were greeted by the cheerful Simon, who is also the owner. I ordered an Oreo Cookie Milkshake for Jnr, followed by a plain Waffle topped with Oreos, caramel sauce and cream. I stayed low key with a FroYo covered in Bubblegum sauce. I paid £9.50 for our scran, was given a loyalty card, and interestingly was asked how we’d heard about Iglouu as it was our first visit. With links to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter dotted round the cafe, it’s clear Simon is someone who understands the power of Social Media and engages with it. A mum following me struggled to get her kids to decide based on the extensive menu here, and there’s certainly something for everyone. They also offer fresh fruit, which is great if you don’t want the children to have too many treats over the holidays.

froyoIglouu was filled with pre-teen girls when we arrived and the noise levels were high – even for the mother of a teenager. There were lots of trips to the bathroom on their part, and poor Simon seemed to be acting like a child minder while handling the orders. Once they left peace was restored, and we were able to enjoy our desserts listening to music rather than inane chatter. Clearly he’s not one to complain though, and displays a patience with his clientele I don’t think I’d be able to display without the help of Nurofen!

waffleOnto the food.. Jnr was impressed with his milkshake and really enjoyed his waffle. He said he preferred it to Kaspa’s, which is high praise from him. I personally should have ordered a smaller tub as I struggled to work my way through their medium sized offering of Frozen Yoghurt. For me though, I was won over by the prices and how welcoming the place is for kids. I would feel comfortable allowing Jnr to pop in for shakes with his friends, given how close it is to their school. My caveat would be they aren’t too noisy, but I guess that’s what teens are like these days. Iglouu is a great place to visit if you’re wanting a great value dessert, and it’s definitely set up to keep the kids entertained.

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  1. Alison

    We have been meaning to pop in here for a while and I am sure we will do soon. Loving the look of that waffle


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