Joe and the Juice, Newcastle

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since I discovered Joe & the Juice were opening a store in the Toon. There wasn’t a big fanfare or PR launch, just a few tweets to say Wednesday was the big day. We popped along after work to see what they had to offer. The brand have a presence in London, Solihull and Manchester, and Newcastle is the furthest North they’ve visited so far.
As a concession within the John Lewis department store I wondered whether Joe’s would be located near one of the entrances for ‘grab and go’ purchases. It’s actually tucked away in Ladieswear, up on the First Floor. This meant the temptation to clothes shop was put in my way!
The interior is similar in fit-out to Starbucks and chains of that ilk. Unfortunately the iPhone didn’t take kindly to the dangling light bulbs, so every photo I tried to take of the decor seemed to feature eerie blurs. There are comfy sofas, should you chose to hang around with your juice or coffee. The vibe, to me, is Hollister – dimly lit, hipster staff who could be models, lots of wood. That’s not a criticism, and I was surprised that the clientele (mainly older folk at the time we visited) weren’t deterred by it.
There are toasted sandwiches on sale alongside brownies and croissants. We just popped in for a drink, and were greeted with a variety of options. Shots are available at £2 a go and featured Beetroot and Broccoli. Joe’s signature Juice D’Amour sounded delicious, which was a mix of Strawberry, Banana, Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Apple. The juices are categorised by times of the day: Morning, Lunch & Afternoon.
Not feeling very well at the moment I chose Immunity from the Morning section: a blend of Red Grapefruit, Passion Fruit and Apple. This cost £5.25 for the large cup. I watched as the fruit was juiced and blended, so you know these aren’t ‘padded out’ with processed cartons as I’ve witnessed in other chains. Jnr is not a fan of fresh juice and picked a Cheeta Shake: a mix of fresh Bananas and Vanilla Milk. I got him a small cup, which cost £4.20.
We enjoyed our drinks and the guys were super friendly. It’s a shame the location is so out of the way in the store as I think it would have benefited from the footfall of Eldon Square with a more prominent location. We wish them every success though, and maybe this won’t be the last store they open up North!
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Pip x
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  1. Alison

    The juice looks lovely, must pop in for a visit, my son would love them

  2. Katie Jane

    Shame about the stores location. I’d be too tempted to clothes shop too.

    Katie x


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