Let Them Eat Cake, Heaton

It is great to see independent businesses popping up all over Newcastle, especially when – from an entirely selfish point of view – they offer vegan alternatives. Yesterday (Saturday 24th Sept) a new cake shop opened in Heaton, not far from the famous Cock a Snook tattoo parlour. While not exclusively vegan, I was told in advance that this new business was looking to cater for everyone.

Let Them Eat Cake is owned by 20 year old Billy Bartell, a local lad who trained at for two years at Newcastle College. Baking was his passion, and he went on to work in a restaurant as a pastry chef. Frustrated by a lack of creativity in the role, he decided to make his dream come true and open up his own shop. If this store is successful, Billy hopes that Let Them Eat Cake will roll out in other areas of the North East.

Before the store opened I had noticed the eye catching exterior from the Coast Road as I was driving past.

He talked through what options were available to me as someone who is dairy and egg free as there were no labels on the products. I raised this with him as some people may just walk in and presume there is nothing suitable for them as allergy sufferers or if they have dietary requirements. 

“I used an replacement called Orgran. I had never used it before and it seems to work really well. It comes as in powder form, and you add water to it to recreate the egg”. It is great to find a business prepared to give something like this a try. Orgran is in my kitchen cupboard, although I tend to use other alternatives in my baking as I find it a little tricky.

I took the Teen along as I knew he’d be a big fan of the standard (i.e. non-vegan) Oreo Brownies. I’d love to see a egg free version of these decadent desserts too.

He also chose a Bounty Cupcake, which he took home and ate later. He said he was impressed with how light the sponge was and the ratio of icing to cake. 

The Unicorn Crispie Treats are bound to be popular with little ones, with their marshmallows and bright pink frosting.

I took home a Peanut Brownie, which Billy said was SFV, and a cake jar. The brownie didn’t last long enough for me to take a photo as other members of the Canny clan decided to eat it! The Vanilla Cake Jar was very rich. If you have a sweet tooth then this combo is for you. I’d have personally liked a bit more of the sponge to balance out the buttercream, which is something I’ve fed back to Billy. 

Prices were reasonable, with our 4 treats totalling a mere £11. Billy certainly seems to have passion and determination for his craft and shop and we hope Let Them Eat Cake is a roaring success. Find out more about opening times on the Facebook page here.

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