Lunch at The Pancake Cafe, Durham

imageThe Pancake Cafe in Durham is somewhere that has previously featured on the Canny Food blog. After reading this original post some were aghast they’d not realised it existed, tucked up a quaint cobbled street and away from the hubbub and bustle of the city centre as it is. Like almost-neighbour Jumping Bean – which is located not too far away – The Pancake Cafe also caters for vegetarians and vegans, although the menu has meat options available too.

imageI’d heard there was a vegan pancake on offer, which meant a return visit was in order with Mr. Canny. We ventured into Durham after a brisk morning spent clay pigeon shooting at South Causey Inn, but I shan’t talk too much about that as I think I’ll possibly feature this activity in a future post. We had worked up an appetite, that’s for sure, and were pleased to snatch one of the last tables in this tiny cafe before it became full.

imageWith a limited menu on account of the kitchen size, don’t be deterred. There are still plenty of fillings to choose from, and the staff are happy to swap ingredients around too. Mr. Canny was undecided as to whether he wanted a sweet or savoury pancake, so I agreed to go vegan and split the order. This meant we got to try each others, and our lovely waitress (who I suspect is the owner) even got the pancake halves plated separately for us.

imageWe warmed up a soya milk latte while waiting for our Mediterranean Vegetables, Pine Nut and Basil pancake to be whipped up. It was great to be able to share these with Dinky, who is being raised as a vegan. She seemed to really enjoy her first experience of pancakes, although she wasn’t as keen on the vegetables! With a generous side bowl of salad between us £7.95 seemed like a fair price for our light lunch. image

This was followed by Banana, Cinnamon and Maple Syrup as our dessert. Normally served with a choice of ice cream or cream, there were no dairy-free alternatives available. We were a little disappointed by this, especially when thought has clearly been put into a vegan offering in the first place. Mr. Canny felt the £5.85 charge should have been altered to reflect this, and I understand his point. imageThe Teen’s Chocolate Spread and Marshmallows was the same price as ours, which further compounded this feeling. With three scoops of ice cream and plentiful chocolate sauce, his sweet tooth was satisfied. Pricing quibble aside, they were lovely pancakes and we thoroughly enjoyed them.image

The Pancake Cafe may be off the well trodden path in Durham, but it is well worth the walk up the steep cobbles to get there. I am pleased to see somewhere ‘bijou’ accommodating vegans in such a fashion, which proves how simple it is to make these adaptations. Next time you find yourself in the city save space in your tum for a visit to this quaint hidden gem.

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