Manny’s Pizza Deli, Ridley Place (Now Closed)

After weeks of Twitter buzz we have another new place to eat in the Toon. Manny’s made all the right noises on social media and whipped everyone into a frenzy. It was all cloak & dagger in terms of the opening night, with promises invites would be given if you followed and/or RT’ed them. As Newcastle has a pretty active blogging community it was presumed the movers and shakers would receive invites, which seemingly didn’t happen. In fact, most of us were only aware of it opening because of tweets from lucky attendees. Unusual PR on the part of the owners: no huge launch a la The Botanist here!
Twitter informed me the pizzas were good, but the general consensus was the pricing was ‘off’. So an unusually quiet Sunday afternoon with no food in the house or desire to do the weekly shop gave us the impetus to try them for ourselves. It is located opposite Zapatista on Ridley Place and was empty when we arrived. I was taken aback because, based on the Twitter buzz, I was expecting queues out the door.
Manny’s is not the only pizza place in the Toon, although I’m not counting your Pizza Huts and Zizzi’s in this tally. Slice, which is located in the Grainger Market, does a pretty good pizza. The unfortunate thing is that they are only open during the market hours, so Jnr and I are limited in our opportunities to scoff it. Manny’s has another differentiation from this business in that there are tables to eat in, should you wish.
The pizzas were out on display for us to choose from, which were heated up in an oven once we’d decided. Jnr, being boring, chose the Manhattan (£3), while I tried to feel healthy ordering the Soho (£3.50). Raf couldn’t resist the beastly Empire (£4), which was loaded with an egg.
The pizza would have been better freshly prepared, which is an option if you’re buying a full pie. We weren’t that hungry, although it may have been more cost effective to do this. After all, everyone likes pizza for breakfast! Funny how you can go weeks without eating pizza, and then eat it twice in as many days having sampled Pizzette at the Jesmond Food Market !Raf definitely picked the winner, although a pizza topped with egg is not to my taste as I don’t like the beggars. He claimed it would be too much for him, but unsurprisingly he managed to scoff the lot. Jnr didn’t make much noise about his, but it’s hard to get too enthused with such plain fare. Plus he’s a teenager. I barely get two words out of him at the best of times, unless it’s about Pokemon at the moment. I omitted the information about the ‘5 Dolla’ shakes to him, and I’m sure he’ll be annoyed that I cheated him out of the Oreo version while we were there. My Soho slice was topped with sweet roasted peppers and red onion, which I enjoyed. It worked well against the marinara sauce and cheese, but it wasn’t exactly ground breaking.
Having already blogged about my love of Cal’s Own I’m not going to do an about-turn and say Manny’s is the best, but it would be a good place to pop into for lunch if you’re in the city centre. I’ve already decided we’ll try the Broadway next time we visit, and make sure we have more of an appetite too. I’d agree that against Slice, which retails at around £2, Manny’s does seem a bit steep for the standard. I proffered that having somewhere to eat in might have raised the price, although that should translate to there being a different pricing structure between that or takeaway. Whoever manages their Twitter account has said they’ll take this feedback on board, so there may be changes in the foreseeable future.
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Pip x
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  1. Rachel

    This is a really helpful, balenced review. I sometimes find it tricky eating out with two little ones, however my almost 3 year old girl would be beside herself with excitement of we were not pop in for a take away pizza slice!

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Thanks Rachel! I always try to be balanced with any critique I give. I used to have my own business, and it isn’t always easy to hear something less than perfect about ‘your baby’ 🙂 I think Manny’s is pretty relaxed for dining with kids, although there isn’t a lot of space if it gets busy. Let me know if you do decide to visit.

  2. North East Family Fun

    The prices have really put me off a visit to this place – why oh why anyone would pay £20 for premium pizza when you can get that at Cals Own for less I will never know.

    I think the pizza with the egg on does look very appealing though (although I also don’t like egg) however I don’t like that it is going to be re-heated.

    Plus I think they were a bit mean asking people to tweet about their opening to create a buzz and then not inviting anyone! HAHA. Fab review though xx

  3. Lee

    Looks a bit meh from the pics; no charred bits on the crust and the dough looks uninspiring. Hopefully they’ll up it a bit as there’s definitely space in town for someone doing premium pizza slices.

  4. Katie

    I’ve still not made it up here yet, Pet Lamb will be supplying their brownies from Thursday though 🙂

    Katie xoxo

  5. Alice Young

    It’s a shame that the pizza isn’t the best, but it looks like it would be nice to pop in for a bit of a snack/lunch if you are walking past!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. Andrew

    The original owners of Slice now run Pizzaria Italia at Four Lane Ends, which is excellent, and cheap.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      I had heard that. Should give them a try.


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