Monsieur Crepe Cafe, Heaton

I like to be pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to find that the Monsieur Crepe Cafe in Heaton would not be able to accommodate my vegan diet. I looked on their Facebook page to see if dairy and egg-free were mentioned but to no avail, so posed the question. Imagine my surprise when they responded and said that vegan and gluten-free batter were on offer every day and, unlike Crepeaffaire in Eldon Square, didn’t charge extra for the privilege. 

The Teen is a pancake fiend so he accompanied me for a hearty breakfast after a strenuous gym session. As a non-vegan he could order whatever his heart desired from the menu, while my topping options were more limited. I discussed what was suitable with staff and found that Monsieur Crepe had dairy-free cheese, along with SFV chocolate sauce and a selection of plant milks for your tea and coffee.

Even the little biscuit served with my pot of tea was accidentally vegan. I ordered a sweet and a savoury pancake – well, I was hungry after my work out, while the Teen opted for a savoury crepe and an Oreo milkshake from their menu. 

The Teen is known for his voracious appetite, but even he felt he’d taken on a mammoth task ordering a milkshake and a pancake. He wasn’t expecting a freakshake topped with a caramel slice, although he seemed to make a dent in it remarkably quickly!

He was full of praise for the milkshake, saying it was creamier than one he’d had in the past at The GB Cupcakery. A fiver seemed like a reasonable price was the slice of caramel shortcake gracing the top. 

He enjoyed his Chicken, Mozzarella and Sweet Chilli pancake. I personally think the fluffier American Pancake stacks available would have been more his cup of tea, but we know for next time. 

My vegan savoury pancake was filled with sundried tomatoes, rocket and dairy-free cheese. I felt the sweet pancake definitely needed some cream or ice cream as the chocolate sauce and crumbled Oreo topping was very rich and dry. Swedish Glace ice cream is readily available in most supermarkets and would be a great addition to the menu for Monsieur Crepe.

We’d recommend booking a table as the cafe was extremely busy when we visited. Prices were reasonable too, with our breakfast coming in at under £25 for three pancakes, the freakshake and two pots of tea. 

The staff were super friendly and welcoming, as well as being knowledgeable on dietary requirements. This set my own mind at ease while eating there. We’d definitely return and felt this was the perfect post to share with you this Pancake Tuesday.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x



  1. catherine hooper

    Oooh perfect timing for pancake day! looks great and one we have been meaning to try for a while!

  2. Jennifer

    Could you get the freakshakes with dairy free milk? Looks amazing!

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      I’m sure you could but the ‘fixings’ may not be dairy-free. They’re pretty impressive and I was jealous Incouldnt get a vegan version. Maybe one day!


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