Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea, Tyneside Bar Café

A jokey conversation with Rachel Kershaw (Life in Geordieland) on Twitter bemoaning a lack of plans on Mother’s Day led me to being invited along to the Tyneside Bar Café for Afternoon Tea. These were launched this month and was looking forward to being amongst the first to sample one. I knew Jnr wouldn’t have any plans afoot and as Raf accurately pointed out numerous times in the lead up to the day, I’m not his Mum to spoil!
I was expecting big things in terms of food based on previous blogs by North East Family Fun and Gingerbread Smiles. I must admit I’d not visited in a while so looked forward to revisiting. We had an afternoon shopping the City Centre, and by the time we arrived at the Tyneside were just about ready for tea and cake 🙂
Being fussy creatures Jnr and I requested no fish or egg sandwiches. Instead we were offered ham & mustard, whereas Raf had crayfish. When the cake stand arrived we were shocked at its size and wondered where we going to put it all! This was not a meagre tea – that’s for sure – and at £9.95 a head it seemed like really good value for money.
We ordered a pot of tea to accompany ours, and there’s also the option to have a glass of Prosecco for a £5 additional charge. Jnr couldn’t eat his quota of sandwiches because he said the English mustard was too strong. I’ll admit there was a moment where it hit my sinuses quite hard! We probably should have asked for them to be plain, and I’d imagine they aren’t used to such finicky people!
There was a sweet fruit-free scone each with plenty of clotted cream and jam. After two sandwiches this was more than enough, and I flagged when it came to the cupcakes, chocolate brownie ‘pop’ and Madeleines that were left on the bottom tier.
It’s not very often Jnr is ‘bested’ by food, but even he admitted defeat. He managed to eat his Carrot Cupcake before he threw the napkin in, though! These were delicious and moist, especially with the cream cheese frosting.
We had to take some away as it was too much. The family at the table beside us did the same thing, and I guess it’s better to have too much on a plate than too little. We don’t like waste so were happy to have the seconds. The chocolate brownie pop was lovely with a cuppa later in the day once the other food had a chance to settle. I believe we shouldn’t have had breakfast that morning in order to have enough space for the Tea!
We were sat at the back of the venue and, as we’d booked, had a table reserved for us. The daffodils on the tables were a lovely touch and the service was superb. Nothing was too much trouble and they showed a genuine interest. This really makes all the difference.
Many thanks to Craig Wilson and other staff at the Tyneside Bar Cafe for our invitation to review the Tea on such a special occasion. It made my Mother’s Day 🙂
Thanks for reading,
Pip x
Food was provided free for review purposes, but the views expressed are my own.
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  1. rachel kershaw

    I'm so glad you had a lovely time, looks yummy! Rach x

  2. North East Family fun

    Looks lovely – we are off to Tyneside Cafe for lunch today. Hope we enjoy! (and thanks for mention) xx

  3. Emma Phillips

    Thank you for the suggestion x

  4. Emma Phillips

    I hope so too! Love reading your blog so seemed natural to link 🙂 x

  5. Lucy Harvey

    This looks delicious! What a lovely place for a mothers day treat! Definitely going to have to add this place on my growing list of places to visit in Newcastle! Lucy, xx

  6. Emma Phillips

    Oh Lucy, that list will keep on growing and growing. I've lived here all my life and I still haven't exhausted it! Thanks for the comment x

  7. Tenminutesspare

    Wow this looks delicious. I do love afternoon tea but never seem to find enough time for nice trips out. Glad you had a lovely day.

  8. Emma Phillips

    This is a great place for just grabbing a coffee & taking those 10 minutes 🙂


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