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Nando’s New Supergreen Burger Photo Credit : Nando’s Instagram

Another week, another chain announcing more vegetarian and vegan dishes. Great news for the community, bad news for my purse and waistline! Many within the vegan community were bitterly disappointed at the fact these new additions to the Nando’s menu had heralded the removal of the soya-based Veggie Patty. I enjoyed it as a vegetarian topped with cheese and it was SFV without the dairy and the mayo. This much-loved burger was a versatile option for a chain known more for chicken. Cheese aside, it still looks appealing!

The new veggie options are Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash and Supergreen, a healthy patty packed with beans and broccoli. The old SFV burger was made from tomato and soya which had a high protein content. It felt filling and like a good alternative for those who wanted some tasty vegan junk food. 

There were some conflicting reports on social media once the new menu items were launched that the Butternut Squash contained milk products. I made sure I checked the allergen folder in the restaurant before I ordered and it stated that this option was SFV. Nando’s also confirmed to me that without the mayo or yoghurt dressing both burgers were appropriate. 

If in doubt it is always a good idea to check the allergen menu when dining out in chain restaurants. It gives those with dietary requirements peace of mind as to what their food contains. I was looking forward to trying out the Butternut Squash version, which I ordered with the Mango & Lime dressing.

Browsing through the allergens I was surprised to learn that the Spicy Rice contains butter so isn’t suitable for vegans, but the Garlic Bread is. I ordered my burger with Peri Salted Fries from the menu. The Supergrain and Mixed Leaf Salads are also suitable without dressing, along with the Corn on the Cob without butter and the Chargrilled Vegetables.

I actually found the patty on the dry side and it didn’t hold its shape well. It’s a shame Nando’s don’t do an egg free mayo because it definitely needed something to pep it up. I’d suggest one of the stronger flavours on the Peri-ometer would possibly enliven this dish. We haven’t tried out the Supergreen option but will update the blog once its been sampled accordingly.

I think I also feel slightly disappointed after trying this out that the original SFV patty has been removed from the menu. Many vegetarians and vegans want something different when dining out and enjoy eating meat substitutes. Nando’s should have kept the soya-based version and offered one of these vegetable packed version as an alternative for those who perhaps want a healthier option when dining out. An online petition has been started so watch this space!

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