Navaho Coffee, Jesmond

imageI was disappointed to discover Archers Ice Cream Parlour on Acorn Road had closed down until I visited its replacement, Navaho Coffee. Having relocated from Colbalt Business Park just recently, this small cafe has built up a reputation for serving great quality coffee and light bites to the students and yummy mummies of Jesmond alike.


I popped in for lunch with Dinky early doors, and just managed to grab a table in the 30 seater cafe. With free Wifi, many had their heads stuck in laptops while nursing their coffees.

imageI ordered a Cheese Panini, which I thought was expensive at £4.80. There were no accompanying crisps or a few salad leaves, which I felt was disappointing. It wasn’t a particularly large sandwich either. More reasonable in price were other food options according to the menu, such as Huevos Ranchos ( an omelette enchilla, £4.95), a stack of Pancakes (Banana or Nutella at £4.55), or a vegan-friendly Coconut Milk Porridge (£2.90). With blended juices and smoothies, as well as their American street food style eggs, I’m sure Navaho will be a popular stop off on the way back from the gym on a Saturday or Sunday morning for the residents of Jesmond.

imageimageAs I’m not a coffee drinker I had to return with Mr. Canny to get his opinion. The Popping Candy Cappuccino sounded interesting, but the regular Soy Milk Latte won out for him. Navaho charge an extra 50p for soy milk or decaf, which was another disappointment. I heartily recommend the Hot Chocolate which was sweet and creamy. Don’t be fooled by the cup sizes either. A tall is quite small in the takeaway options, so it’s worth paying a little more for the venti option.

imageI thought I’d heard it all on the coffee front having worked at Costa during my university years as a Barista until I enquired what the Bulletproof Coffee was on Navaho’s menu. Shots of espresso are mixed with coconut oil and butter to create what sounds like a vile drink to me. Apparently it doesn’t taste bad at all, according to friends who’ve tried it. Believed to aid weight loss due to the reaction between the fats and the caffeine, I’m sure more places will start to serve it as awareness of the fad grows.

Mr. Canny is quite unhappy at the additional charge for soy milk so I don’t think we will be returning. When Navaho have coconut milk already on the menu it strikes me as unfair they do this. Those with a lactose intolerance or who follow a plant-based diet should not be penalised in such a fashion, and cafes need to be careful of imposing charges like this on those who chose follow ‘special’ diets for fear they alienate a potential client base. Such a shame for me as their Hot Chocolate is delicious. Contrary to popular opinion, soy milk is actually cheaper than dairy in some supermarkets, and it’s becoming commonplace for people to want alternative ‘milks’ in their drinks. Most independents we’ve visited don’t charge, so perhaps Navaho should rethink this.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

*UPDATE* Since posting, the owner of Navaho has contacted me via the Canny Food Twitter account and said they will no longer charge for soy milk based on the feedback. Great to see a business considering the opinions of their customers, both existing and potential. Well done and thank you, Asam!


  1. Asam

    Hi Pip

    Thank you for your review on Navaho Coffee.
    In response to your point regarding the charge for soy milk, I have taken on board your comment and from today Navaho will not charge for soy milk.

    Pleased you enjoyed your hot chocolate and hope to see you back.

    Best wishes


    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Hi Asam,

      Many thanks for responding to my blog post so positively. We have experienced many places that would not have accepted ‘criticism’ of their offering, but you have appreciated that there are people with specific dietary requirements that would not view the extra charge as fair. That is the mark of a true businessperson. We wish you continued success with the venture.

      Pip 🙂

  2. mandy charlton

    I’ve never heard of anywhere that charges more for soy milk, it just seems a little unfair to do so.

  3. Deborah Nicholas

    I have to drink soy due to an intolerance and don’t think it’s ever been an additional cost. Shame on Navaho as it otherwise sounds good.

  4. Lucy Harvey

    I don’t like they charge extra, it isn’t very inclusive at all! Would be interesting to hear their reasoning behind it, or perhaps they simply need to change their suppliers for soy milk! X

  5. Alice

    I can kind of understand the logic in charging extra. Large companies like Starbucks etc have the budget to throw away soy milk etc that hasn’t been drunk. But smaller independent companies don’t have the same amount of room to bin left over milk. Non-dairy milks aren’t requested as much as normal milk so chances are more goes to waste. Really impressive that they have changed their policy from your feedback though. I used to visit them in colbalt and they were always really lovely, will have to pop in to the jesmond one seeing as it’s so close to my work.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      There’s only one independent we’ve been to that charged. I usually find smaller places are more accommodating with things like this. Stairwayz in Low Fell ran out to get us soy milk, even though we said we’d take the coffee black! But it’s great Navaho have been responsive and it means I get to enjoy their fantastic hot chocolate and brownies again.


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