Pizzastorm Newcastle is here!

A new restaurant that delivers custom-made pizzas in 180 seconds is opening in Newcastle this week. PizzaStorm is preparing to revolutionise the concept of ‘fast food’, with diners able to create their dream pizza without the long wait associated with a handcrafted pie. With 900 degree ovens, the restaurant will be able to cook fresh, stone-baked pizzas in just three minutes.

imageIt has to be said, Newcastle may have many Italian restaurants, but not many places that can boast turning round a pizza so quickly. The company wanted to create a restaurant where the pizza is totally unique to the diner – and with more than 50 unlimited toppings, we certainly won’t be lacking in choice. Newcastle is their third eatery, with plans to roll out more in the foreseeable future nationwide.

imageCustomers have the option of designing their own pizza on a Subway-style counter, picking their own base, cheese, toppings and sauces, or can select from one of the six ‘Hall of Flames’ signature pizzas from their menu. These include recipes such as ‘This Little Piggy Had BBQ’ and ‘The Mexicana’. Mine was topped with spinach, peppers, sundried tomatoes, rocket and balsamic drizzle for £8.45. As you move along the counter the whole pizza is customised to your tastes. If you don’t aren’t keen on peppers or anchovies,just don’t ask for the beggars!

imageAs yet there are no dairy-free cheeses on offer, but PizzaStorm have said this is something they are looking into for the future. They are also devising gluten-free bases too, but want to perfect this before it is rolled out (no pun intended). My vegan and dairy-free friends should not be deterred though, as they can request a pizza to be made to their specifications, even if that means missing out that key ingredient.

imageThe inspiration for PizzaStorm was taken from fast-casual dining restaurants like Five Guys, which is evident from the food and the service. The restaurant has capacity for 100 people, with the fire oven as the focal point. A takeaway option is also available, with the same 3 minute wait. The promise is that whatever the pizza, no matter how many toppings, is guaranteed to cost less than £9. If you’ve got space for something extra there are sides on offer too, and unlimited ice cream is available to satisfy a sweet tooth.

imageWe popped along for their soft launch, which saw a thousand pizzas given away to hungry Geordies. This was announced via their social media and attracted huge queues.

Their thin and crisp bases are slightly charred from the oven, but still have some ‘spring’. Different to local pizzeria Cal’s Own, who pride themselves on their perfect pizzas, it would be easy to knock the concept of PizzaStorm. I enjoyed the fact I could have my pizza exactly how I wanted, and the super fast turnaround. I think it will be very popular with those who don’t want a formal dining experience. I know Teen was jealous he wasn’t around for its opening. Great to see vegetarian cheeses thoughtfully labelled, and the team were great in helping me out with Dinky.

imageExperience the PizzaStorm at intu Eldon Square officially from October 28th.

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