Alert! New Vegan Items in the Supermarket Aisles

I’ll admit to finding supermarket shopping daunting at first. I think it seems like a minefield when you first start reading the backs of packets in the aisles of Tesco, Sainsbury’s et al when you decide to make the shift or you have someone in your family who has an allergy. It is incredible the number of products you’d be surprised to find milk powder in – Salt & Vinegar Crisps, anyone?! You can read some of my other guides of what we purchase here and here. I do try to balance processed with fresh as I think it’s important we don’t rely on ‘junk food’ as a family. You will probably have noticed more recipe posts appearing over the last few weeks and this is purposeful on my part. I want to show how easy it is to cook vegan food at home without lots of substitute products as a way of demystifying our lifestyle. After 18 months of scrutiny I have the weekly spree off to a fine art, but even I find delight in stumbling across new lines when I’m out and about. I thought I would share some of these with you so you can keep an eye out next time you need supplies!

Everyone knows that Oreos are suitable for vegans now and if not, where have you been hiding? Joking aside, they are a staple for us but I do have to watch the pennies with Dinky in nursery now. Tesco have recently released their own brand version, which are great for those who are on a budget. It was also great to see they have a sandwich option in their lunches-to-go section too. Hot on the heels of Tesco’s Falafel & Houmous Wrap is Sainsbury’s own On The Go Avocado, Tomato & Basil sarnie. Both are part of the Meal Deal that I think are good value for money for those who are time pressed to make up something to take to work.I was surprised to hear of Asda’s introduction of this vegan friendly Popcorn Chicken. An item aimed at families wanting to cut down on their meat consumption, these were well received by the Omni Teen.Simply pop these in the oven and serve with salad, wraps and wedges, they are quick mid-week supper for when you simply can’t face another chickpea!

We were also thrilled to learn that Linda McCartney had revised their ingredients of the Pulled Pork Burgers to remove the honey that made these veggie treats not suitable for vegans.

I have to admit I find them a bit too meaty for my liking by the rest of the family were happy to tuck into them during a get together recently.

They were paired with one of the biggest surprises for me recently – these McCain Nacho Cheese Wedges are SFV! It’s not often you will see a cheese-flavoured  items that are accidentally vegan.

The Tesco Free From range has gone from strength to strength of late with lots more exciting additions to the roster. Alongside the dairy free cheeses they launched – like this Red Leicester that melts well on burgers – there are some great puddings.

Having heard about these desserts on Twitter I was chuffed to find them in the fridge aisle of my local supermarket.

The Blackcurrant Cheesecakes will be perfect for those who miss creamy puds. They are surprisingly moreish and didn’t last long in our house. The Teen even enjoyed them.

We also found Tesco’s Millionaire’s Dessert locally. These are on a 3 for 2 offer and I purchased a few of these chocolatey treats to sate my sweet tooth.

This Free From dessert tastes coconutty so may not appeal to all. The salted caramel base is a balance to the chocolate mousse. They’ll be popular so grab one if you see them.

I also picked up a box of Amy’s Kitchen Manhattan Veggie Burgers to try out on the BBQ. 

They aren’t new but this was the first time we’d tried them out and we were impressed. 

Made with quinoa and walnuts, they are hearty and full of flavour. Unlike some meat substitute products they are also made with vegetables.

We’ll keep you posted on more products as we hear about them, and please share any you’ve found too!

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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