Newcastle Quayside’s Sunday Market – Lots of Veggie Options?


From the number of times I’ve mentioned Newcastle’s Quayside Market on this blog there’s no disputing we’re big fans. One of my most popular posts ever was one about the lovely foodie treats that could be found on an amble through the stalls, and you can read it here.


But what if you have dietary requirements? Are there food stalls that accommodate? If you haven’t been to the market for years you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all about the burger vans and candy floss. The stalwarts are of course still there, but a new breed of trader has been attracted to the riverside and are selling some seriously good scran.


I’m not for one moment suggesting you eat the soaps sold by The Dirty Vegans, although they certainly smell good enough too. Our cruelty-free approach to life is not just limited to food, and we’re in the process of changing all the products we use at home to ones that have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal products.¬†image

The lovely Dirty Vegan sisters are regulars at the market and sell fantastic soaps, wax melts and bath bits. Their prices were reasonable too, which I was very surprised at for artisan products. Definitely pay them a visit next time you’re at the market.


I also couldn’t not mention the lovely Hanging by a Fred, who creates beautiful pieces using upcycled climbing rope. We’re trying to reuse and re-purpose more in our home, so love the ethos of this company. There were more than a few pieces I had my eye on, so we’ll see if my subtle hints to Mr. Canny bear any fruit soon ūüôā


So, now onto the foodie stuff! It was lovely to meet Emma, one of the folks behind Northern Juice. Mr. Canny is more of a juice fiend than I am, having bought a Nutribullet for Christmas. And no, it isn’t sat languishing in its box! I find juicing a bit of a chore, so Northern Juice’s excellent range of cold pressed juices¬†are great for lazy sods like me. Shuffle – with its blend of Pineapple, Apple, Mint and Lemon- ¬†is my new favourite.¬†image

It was great to finally meet Curry Rolls, a new enterprise serving up naans with a variety of fillings.imageWe had a chat about what Mr. Canny could sample as the Chickpea & Potato Curry was marked as vegetarian.¬†Rolled with fresh herbs, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion and optional hot green chillies, the homemade curry¬†was filling and delicious.imageHaving had¬†a full afternoon tea at The Great British Cupcakery beforehand,¬†we weren’t too hungry, but were able to take our curry roll home to enjoy later. Wrapped in foil, I warmed¬†them through in the oven for our supper.¬†imageThink pies and pastries aren’t suitable for vegans or those who are dairy-free? Wrong! A family-run business, Phi Pie are newbies to the street food scene here in Newcastle. Helpfully labelling all their products as vegetarian or vegan, Ioannis explained to me that accommodating dietary requirements is something they consider very seriously.

imageThe prices were silly, with this Greek version of a jam tart costing just 50p. Once word spreads about Phi Pie I imagine they’ll be garnering plenty of attention.imageWe couldn’t run through Quayside food stalls and not mention the fabulous burgers of The Green Guerrilla. The beauty below is 100% vegan,¬†would¬†you believe?!image

Their sweet treats are also worth trying out, especially for those with allergies. At ¬£1.25 they are excellent value for money and a real favourite of ours.imageThe Waffle Co. aren’t suitable for vegans, obviously, but my vegetarian readers may want to give their milkshakes and waffles a try like the Teen did. He was clearly happy with his double whammy, stopping his Pokemon Go session to indulge in some of his favourite treats.imageWho knows, with enough cajoling, they may even start doing a vegan version?!¬†imageWe couldn’t mention¬†all of the lovely stalls and not recommend Papa Ganoush.¬†imageTheir falafel is¬†suitable for vegans, and on occasion they do tasty Halloumi Fries for vegetarians.¬†imageAnd speaking of fries, Saucy Fries are another new addition to the roster of market vendors. Still full of cake, we will have to take a proper look at what they are serving up next time we visit.¬†image

We hope to have highlighted some different stalls this time round, and if anyone else has any recommendations for the next time we pop down we’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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