Newcastle Tap – Review

When it’s pouring down with rain, you haven’t done the ‘big shop’, and you need a change of scene, sometimes only a trip to the pub will do! Yup, even the woman who has yet to acquire an appreciation for a pint likes to sit in the boozer and read her magazine without the distraction of piles of dishes or washing. It helps when the pub in question serves up a selection of pizzas, which is precisely why we headed there one afternoon when it was raining cats and dogs in the Toon.

Located near The Head of Steam and Central Oven & Shaker, Newcastle Tap is part of a chain with other venues across the country. There’s a live bar menu of what they have on draft or cask, but alas with the Teen with me I wasn’t going to be hitting the bar to try out a selection and settled for a soft drink instead. 

Expecting just a few pizza options, I was pleasantly surprised by how many were on offer. It was also good to see vegan options clearly labelled, with two available on the menu without me having to work out what to substitute. The menu also tells you how their bases are made. Unlike some city centre establishments, Tap are hand stretching their dough rather than relying on pre-made bases. There’s also a gluten free base on request.

I decided to order the Sunny V, a pizza topped with a variety of veggies and spices. The Teen requested the Nicholas Cajun minus coriander, something he detests. 

While waiting we grabbed the board games that Tap have at the end of the bar to wile away the time. I didn’t particularly want us to be sat on our phones and not talking to one another. It is hard to get the Teen to spend time with his uncool Mum at the moment, so this Dinky-free time was important to both of us. He won at Snakes & Ladders, as an FYI.

The pizzas arrived and an error had been made with my pizza. It had been topped with dairy cheese, although I had mentioned I was vegan when ordering. I hate wasting food, and if the Teen wasn’t so adverse towards vegetables I’d have probably made him eat that too! They were contrite and said they’d make me a replacement up straightaway. We were also offered complimentary drinks by way of an apology.

The Teen made hasty work on his pizza while I waited for mine. I decided there was no point in two meals going to waste when there was a problem with just the one. He said he’d happily return to try out the traditional Margherita (which they denote as having a vegetarian option available on request) or The Totally Hot one, which has scotch bonnets and fresh chillis amongst its toppings.

My pizza tasted picante to me, although the Teen said I was being a total wuss. I think if you prefer to avoid spicy food it might be advisable to go with the Marinara instead. 

Pizzas come in 3 sizes – 7″ snack size, 12″ and 18″. We both had the 12″ size and I took some home with me. Takeaway is available for those who are time pushed. There was also a selection of bar snacks and nibbles. I think if we’d not been conscious of time the Teen would have been trying out their Nutella Calzone for dessert. 

It’s great to find another city centre bar with vegan options on the menu and I’m sure we’ll be returning to try out more of what Newcastle Tap have to offer in the future.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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