Peggy’s Pantry, Durham

It’s great to be able to share new places to eat or hidden gems you may not have heard about. That was one of the reasons for me starting up Canny Food initially. Today’s post is about a vegan pop up café I’d heard about thanks to the wonders of social media. Peggy’s Pantry is held monthly at Alington House in Durham. This is located at the top of Sadler Street, and not far from the iconic cathedral.

Each month a new menu is created for the event, which runs from 11am until 3pm on the first Saturday of the month, or until the food is sold out. Seating is limited and we had to wait outside until a table was free. We’re big fans of community driven projects and Durham seems to be a hotbed for these sorts of initiatives (see our post about pay-as-you-feel café Refuse for more information/inspiration).The reason for our visit was to try out the’ Fried Chicken’ Sandwich I’d heard mention of on Facebook. After the launch of The Temple of Seitan in London the concept of vegan fried chicken has become extremely popular. I’m not planning a trip to London any time soon (unfortunately) so this was my first chance to try it out. I was never a big fan of KFC and things of that ilk, but I was intrigued by whether this could be replicated for those who are meat free.In the interest of a comprehensive blog we ordered pretty much everything from the menu. The Wild Garlic Soup was a great starter and made using foraged allium. Next up was their Classic Café Burger, which came with a small serving of wedges and salad on the side. While it may seem we were being gluttonous – which we probably are naturally – we did feel the portions were on the small side so weren’t over ordering.Topped with vegan cheese this patty was really tasty. Only minus point was the lack of ketchup (they’d run out) and mayo on offer. Some fried onions would have been nice, too. I was a little disappointed by the fake chicken burger, feeling it was quite dry. Again, with a dollop of a condiment it would have been much better. My friend decided he was going to also try out the Chilli Enchiladas. I’m not sure what made the salad Mexican – according to the menu, at least – but it was a tasty plate of grub nevertheless.Of course I couldn’t eat a fully vegan meal without trying out dessert and was mighty impressed by the cupcakes baked by the Peggy’s Pantry crew. The Cherry Cola one was my particular favourite, although Dinky seemed to prefer the Lavender. I narrowly missed out a bagging a slice of the Strawberry Cheesecake, although the lovely lady at the next table to ours allowed me to photograph it. She seemed to enjoy it and I know for next time not to procrastinate over ordering puds!The prices at Peggy’s Pantry are reasonable and the food is decent. It was definitely worth us making the trip to Durham to try it out and want to return again. It seems imperative to get there early to ensure you get the best choices as invariably they sell out over the lunchtime rush. You can find out more information on their Facebook page.

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