Peppermint Cafe, Morpeth

After discovering a cafe in Morpeth that was amenable to vegetarians and vegans when organising Vegan Restaurant Week I stuck it on my ‘to-visit’ list. Last Saturday I was tired and hangry after driving over 100 miles for my day not to go to plan. In a bid to salvage what was left I decided to pop to Peppermint Cafe while up in that neck of the woods to sample the vegan food on offer.

I’d seen on Instagram that vegan milkshakes were also available for £4 so that was the first thing we ordered. I chose the chocolate variety while my friend opted for salted caramel. 

While a standard menu is available there’s chalkboards of special dishes on offer specifically for vegetarians and vegans. 

Unfortunately I’d missed the opportunity to try out the fry up with homemade sausages as this is only served until 12pm, so had burritos and burgers to chose from instead. The Pad Thai Seitan Noodles appealed to me, while my friend decided to order the Mushroom Stroganoff with rice for lunch.

It is worth mentioning that it is advisable to reserve a table on a weekend as the cafe seems incredibly popular. We managed to grab the last table to the rear, but by the time we’d finished our food it had quietened down. With limited vegan friendly places in the area (according to Happy Cow, at any rate) is it little wonder Peppermint Cafe seems to attract a hungry mob?

The milkshakes were the first to arrive. Both were made with a dairy-free ice cream base and topped with vegan squirty cream. Dinky certainly enjoyed having a slurp too!The Stroganoff (£6.95) was more like Madeira to me, but that’s perhaps because I’ve grown accustomed to the pickley taste of the Brazilian style version that I make at home now. The rocket on the side and rice could have been a little more generous, but it was decent value for money. A selection of mushrooms were also used in the sauce and made it a meaty concoction.My Pad Thai was served with Tempeh as the Seitan had sold out. The pak choi and noodle combination was very filling, which meant there was no room to try out a slice of vegan Mango Cheesecake.

The chatter was that Peppermint had experienced one of the busiest Saturdays ever and it’s great to hear that the cafe is going from strength to strength. There were quite a few eating vegan food while we were visiting, proving how the ‘movement’ has grown in recent times. In an area where dietary restrictions were not always well catered for it seems that those who accommodate are benefiting from the increased demand. You can find out more about Peppermint Cafe here.

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