Pieminister launches the Kevin

Local pub Waiting Rooms is now offering a vegan pie on its menu. Launched in January by Bristol-based pie manufacturer and restaurant chain Pieminister, the Kevin is the company’s first vegan pie and is available to eat-in at their own eateries, selected suppliers and to buy from Waitrose. We were keen to give their meat-free options a try so took along a vegetarian friend for a pint and a pie recently.

The menu isn’t particularly vegan-friendly and there was no mention of Kevin. Thankfully there was a sign on the bar announcing its arrival, although we were unsure what sides we could have other than the Smoky Beans (marked with VG). I love pie, mash and gravy but was told Waiting Room’s is made with cream which can’t be removed. Staff said the gravy available was suitable, as were the peas. It seems a shame they don’t have these labelled as it would make ordering for those with dietary requirements so much easier.

Our vegetarian friend ordered the Saag Pie-neer, a pie filled with a vegetable mix and paneer. He ordered the Smoky Beans, although I think a side like the Macaroni Cheese would have worked well and made the plate of food more filling for him. There’s also the Heidi Pie, made with goats cheese, and the Wild Shroom. It’s good to see a few vegetarian options¬†available from Pieminister.

The vegan Kevin consists of mushrooms and onions in a red wine sauce. I had mine with the gravy while my other friend – also a vegan –¬† had the beans. While the pie was delicious we did feel like we needed a carb of some description to make it into a meal. Offering chips would have been some sort of consolation for us if the mash can’t be made up without dairy for those with allergies.¬†

The pie filling is chunky rather than some sort of vegetable ‘mush’ and the gravy was unctuous enough for me. I just needed more. It was more like a snack than a meal for us. We sat debating whether to order another but decided that we’d move on somewhere else for dessert instead.

With 2 for 1 offers on selected ales and cider Waiting Rooms is a decent place to pop into for a pie and pint. They cater well for meat-eaters but, if you have a large appetite like me, it might be better to go somewhere with a more comprehensive vegan menu available. Good to see another boozer accommodate us, however. I’ll definitely pick up a Kevin at Waitrose to cook at home with some dairy-free mash soon.

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