Robertson’s, Whitby

Navigating Whitby as a vegan is a bit of a challenge, with many chippies cooking in beef dripping or the issue of cross contamination raising an issue when visiting this seaside town. To be honest, I am the sort of person who doesn’t get concerned by my food being cooked in the same oil as animal products, etc. If I was to be too concerned by cross contamination I’d not eat anywhere other than the vegan restaurants we have in the North East, which would seriously limit my blogging opportunities. That said, chips cooked in beef fat don’t sound particularly appealing to me these days, so we had to hunt out a chippy that was veggie-friendly on a recent day trip.

Robertson’s of Whitby was recommended by Happy Cow as vegan-friendly as it fries its food in vegetable oil. It also uses a separate fryer, which will please those who are more fastidious than myself on such matters.

The menu doesn’t mention vegan and the staff were a little bit confused when I enquired about the suitability of the battered sausages after seeing them mentioned on the Happy Cow app. The veggie sausages were ok but unfortunately the coating was not. We were told that the gluten-free Pea Fritters were SFV, however, although I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of mushy peas.

The vegan meal was decent, although I can’t say I was overly fond of the sausages (Cauldron, perhaps?). We keep saying this but you can’t beat a Hooba banger! It was stated emphatically by staff that the sausages would not be vegan with batter, although I find it strange as the pea fritter seemed to be cooked in the same coating. 

My friend had no such concerns as a non-vegan, so they merrily tucked into the vegetarian option. Service was quite slow even though the restaurant wasn’t busy – Whitby was like a ghost town on the day we visited on account of the atrocious weather at the time – so it was a bit frustrating for us having to wait for staff to finish their conversations so we could settle the bill. 

We’d probably just grab a bag of chips on our next trip instead of sitting down for a chippy tea. The food offered wasn’t particularly good value for money, although comparatively it is probably cheaper than the likes of The Magpie Cafe. It would be lovely to see somewhere like Humble Pie offer a vegan option, but that’s just wishful thinking! At least there is somewhere vegans can eat in the town without worrying about consuming animal products.

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