Scrumpy Willow, Newcastle (Now Sweet Memories at Study Cafe)

image Scrumpy Willow and The Singing Kettle, located on Newcastle’s Clayton Street, is one of those unassuming places you’ve maybe walked past and paid no heed to. A common misconception is that Scrumpy caters solely for vegetarian and vegan diners, when in fact they feature fish and meat on the menu too. It is one of the most inaccessible places we’ve eaten though, which I feel I have to mention right off the bat. I struggled to get through the door with the buggy, then could only find a table upstairs. Thankfully there were three of us to wrestle with the baby and her bits and bobs, but if I’d been on my own I’d not have managed. imageThis aside, we like visiting. The food is reasonably priced and the menu changes with the seasons. I have featured their desserts on the blog before (see post here) but this was the first time Mr. Canny had tried out their savoury dishes. Myself and the Teen decided to have something light, while he was determined to try out a breakfast. After his rave review of Sky Apple’s vegan brekkie, he’s yet to find anything to match its lofty standard however.


He opted for the Vegan Traditional Breakfast (£6.75), which has puy lentils, spinach, beans and a potato cake. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but he enjoyed it. Not liking eggs or beans, I felt the breakfast options were limited for me. They’ve eschewed the standard bacon and sausage substitutes to offer domthing a bit different, but offer a full English meat version. I wish the offered the veggie option as well. I chose to try out their Tea & Cake special, instead, and had a scone with my pot of tea. image

There are vegan-friendly cakes and scones on offer, so I picked something Mr. Canny could also try. Great to see vegan ‘butter’ available too. If you’re in the city centre and fancy a cheap and cheerful cake break, you could do far worse than Scrumpy. At £3 it is a complete bargain.


The Teen had a round of toast and a delicious Hot Chocolate. As he is veggie this was made with cow’s milk, so I’ll admit I’m not sure if they do a vegan equivalent. With Farplace just along the street selling dairy-free ‘squirty’ cream I don’t see why they wouldn’t offer the alternative, however.

Our initial gripe aside about accessibility, we like Scrumpy Willow. We really need to return for their Evening Menu, which has some delicious sounding vegan options and a newly launched cheesecake that I think will impress Mr. Canny.

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