Sugarloaf, Whitley Bay (Now Edens Cafe)

imageOne of the things I get frustrated about with vegan food is the idea that it’s all about clean eating and healthy options. Not all vegetarians or vegans make the change because they are trying to be health-conscious. For many it is an ethical choice based on the meat and dairy industry, which I won’t go into. Every now and again a pig-out is required (no pun intended), but places are thin on the ground. We planned on visiting Pulp Fiction Future Food on this particular weekend, but the idea of Avo Smash on Toast or Creamy Cashew Mushrooms didn’t float our boat. A quick message sent to Sugarloaf, which is located a couple of doors up, asking if they had anything Mr. Canny could eat resulted in us heading there instead, with Jnr wanting to specifically try out their Buttermilk Pancakes.image

The interior definitely is designed to appeal to those who are ‘young at heart’, with an arcade machine acting as a table in one of the booths. Of course the boys had to have a go at trying to beat the high scores which are part of a challenge, but alas they didn’t quite make it on the ones that featured. Jnr was taken with the idea of trying their food challenge, which is to eat 10 pancakes and drink a milkshake in 10 minutes. He said it sounded easy, but when I told him only 10 people have managed to successfully complete it out of 197 attempts he thought better of it. Thank heavens too, as I could envisage how that would end up for me!


He did order the regular portion serving of Choc Chip Pancakes, washed down with a lovely thick Oreo Cookie Shake (£3.95). Served with Maple Syrup, they were really filling. Considering they were £6.95 for 3, it was a good job too! With Bacon, Banana or Blueberry flavour also available, there’s something to suit anyone.

imageimageOur only gripe at the time was the fact they didn’t have soy milk, meaning the vegan couldn’t have a Latte alongside his Veggie fry-up (£7.95). Somehow water isn’t quite the same! This was a real shame when apart from this the staff couldn’t do more to accommodate Mr. Canny. He was limited to Beans, Hash Browns, Toast, Tomato and Mushroom on account of their veggie sausages being Quorn and not Linda McCartney, but they made sure his plate was full. On reflection though, for the price it seems on the expensive side compared to some we’ve had of late, considering he was missing two of the major components.


I chose the Veggie Burger, which was also £7.95. It was a decent offering, packed with actual vegetables. Those fancying something more substantial would do well to order the meat option, which looked delicious.


I’d say if you’re in the area Sugarloaf is well worth a visit, even if it is on the expensive side. If you have kids they will be happy with your decision, especially if you nab the Pac-Man table.

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Pip x

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  1. Samantha Rickelton

    You can’t beat Sugarloaf for their pancakes. LOVE them 😀

  2. paula donaldson

    You could have had a Big Pulp Fiction Breakfast with Sweet potato and kale Rosti, homemade Anduille vegi sausages, homemade clean beans, cashew creamy mushrooms, balsamic roast tomatos and the eggs can be swapped with avo for vegan option…. all washed down with soya or almond milk coffee or fresh pressed juices 🙂


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