Super Natural Kitchen, Newcastle

image Having opened on Newcastle’s Grainger Street this week, Super Natural Kitchen are offering tasty breakfasts and lunches through the day, while The Painted Elephant will be serving up their unique take on vegan food from 6pm in the same location. Being fans of Super Natural’s famous salad bar, I was interested to see whether their batter-laden former menu from our last visit had also moved to their new location.

imageA word of warning, the new cafe is up a set of steps. Thankfully the Teen was with me and helped me into the eatery with Dinky’s buggy. This issue of accessibility is one that will deter many from trying out Super Natural Kitchen, but due to how high the entrance is I can’t see what the management can do. Thankfully their old cafe is still open at present where there are no such problems.

imageThe salad bar was there in all its glory, featuring their delicious vegan coleslaw amongst other items. Super Natural Kitchen has a new menu, which has healthier eating options than previously. Rather interestingly, all of the items on the menu are vegan unless there’s a (v) beside them. These items are vegetarian instead. Sandwiches, curries, jacket potatoes, a vegan ‘Full English’ and cakes were all on offer the lunchtime we visited, and were also available to take out. The homemade vegetarian Quiche was a very popular item, judging by the number sold while we were dining.

imageThe Teen was keen to try out the Cheeseburger, but unfortunately it had sold out. The alternative was a Mexican Burger (£5.99), but with a patty packed with beans and vegetables I felt he’d probably not like it. I ordered this for myself instead, wanting to see how this vegan burger compared to The Bohemian’s offering I sampled last week.

imageThe patty was formed with pulverised beans and veggies, and was topped with salsa and dairy-free cheese. Some fries alongside the burger certainly wouldn’t have gone amiss!imageThe Teen chose their vegan hot dog, which was also £5.99. He thought this was one of the best veggie sausages he’s had and gave it a big thumbs up. Not wanting salad with his meal, I should have asked if they charged without. He put some on his plate but didn’t really touch it. They do child portions for £3.99, but at 14 I hardly think he qualifies! He said the salad seemed like a strange thing to pair with junk food like this, and I can see his point. They’re trying to corner the healthy eating market with the new cafe, but serving sweet potato fries  – as Boho do – would not have compromised this any more than serving cakes alongside salads does.

imageSuper Natural had a lovely selection of vegetarian and vegan cakes on offer, which mean the eatery isn’t completely devoted to ‘clean eating’ anyway.. not that I’m complaining. The odd treat isn’t going to ruin the diet! Knowing Mr. Canny would be disappointed about not visiting, I bought a slice of their vegan chocolate cake to take home for him to try. The thick sugary buttercream-style frosting was especially good.

imageWith so many veggie-vegan restaurants in Newcastle, those following a plant-based diet are spoilt for choice. It certainly shows there is an increasing demand and that people are becoming more conscious about the food they eat while dining out. It’s great to see the expansion of Super Natural, and we’ll definitely return to try out some of their other lunch dishes. With its new location and take out options, it is sure to be a hit with those who work in the city centre too.

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  1. Nyomi

    Another great review. I really must check this out with Arlo. It would be nice to take him somewhere where he can eat most the options for a change. That cake looked yummy! He loves his dairy free cake.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      I think he will love the cake 🙂


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