Super Natural, Newcastle – Lunch Review

It has been ages since I talked about Super Natural, arguably one of Newcastle’s best known vegetarian haunts. Last May the cafe moved from the location it had occupied for over 30 years – albeit under many different owners – at Upper Princes Square to the higher profile Grainger Square address it is housed in now. You can read about our visit after it first opened here.

I have popped in on many occasions since for cake or for a quick lunch while out in the city centre, but due to a backlog of posts never got round to featuring the cafe again. With many ‘normal’ establiahments now offering vegan menus I’ll admit to focusing on visiting and writing about these establishments and eschewing the old faithfuls for a while.

With news of PizzaExpress launching dairy free cheese topped pizzas alongside the Pianta that I recently tried out (you can read about their vegan choices here) I’m sure many people will be beating a path to their door. The demand is growing and the more we petition and frequent the Harvesters of the country we’ll demonstrate how great the need is produce more imaginative and exciting dishes for this expanding market. It would be wrong not to continue to support the local independents who are been offering alternatives before it was seen as ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ to be vegan, however.

Super Natural have started to sell beers such a Stella on tap and are also closing later on a Friday and Saturday night, as well as opening on a Sunday. Upon arriving I was surprised to see the layout of the cafe had changed, with the open plan work space where staff would plate meals now almost screened off from the dining area. 

The menu has changed a fair bit, with a range of platters joining old favourites like burgers and paninis. The salad bar has gone but Super Natural are still serving up a creamy vegan coleslaw that no one would believe didn’t contain eggs or dairy.

I quite like popping in for a jacket potato as not many places offer vegan toppings I’m keen on. Not eating beans means I’m quite limited which is why I devised my own vegan tuna recipe (that you can see here). With Coronation Chicken or a Sweet Chilli version, along with a variety of others, a filling lunch at Super Natural and a drink will give you plenty of change from a tenner. There are soup and sandwich specials and the cafe also runs a take away service. My friend enjoyed a vegetarian quiche when I took her along and you’d be surprised to find many who regularly frequent are happy to eat vegan food but who aren’t following a plant based diet.

With Dinky in tow on this particular visit I wanted to have something that she might share with me. As a fan of tomato pasta I figured she may try some of the Lasagne, which was made with tofu and mushrooms instead of mince. 

Priced at £8.99 I was taken aback by the large portion size. With a serving of salad, coleslaw and rosemary wedges on the side I struggled to finish the meal. Dinky helped out with the leaves and cucumber but wasn’t as keen on the tomatoes on the plate. A girl after my own heart.

I thought it was best to order dessert to takeaway as I know how fractious Dinky gets when nap time is looming. With a selection of cakes that are all vegan on the display case it can be hard to choose. Chocolate is always a safe bet and was lovely with my cuppa as I watched TV that evening.

Super Natural has a lovely atmosphere and is somewhere I always highly recommend to anyone new to vegetarian and vegan food. I’ll have to pop back in to try out their breakfast, which comes with fake bacon and scrambled tofu. Sounds delicious.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. Alison

    I haven’t been here for years and didn’t realise they had moved. Looks like a great option for lunch. Will have to pop in


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