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It would be great if we had lots of time to spend in the kitchen but with work and other commitments it doesn’t always work out that way. It can also be a problem if you work somewhere that has limited vegan and vegetarian options (I know I do!) or that you live alone and find it difficult to cook for just yourself. Whatever the reason, it is great to see more ready prepared meals available in the supermarkets that are suitable for vegans. I’ve listed some that I’ve found easy to come by on the high street and in the supermarkets that we usually do our weekly shops. Some can be frozen, which means they can be stored for later use.

Amy’s Kitchen, Frozen

Available in Holland & Barrett, local vegan stores and even in Tesco (my local superstore, at least) Amy’s Kitchen have a great range of vegan meals. Some are also gluten free, which is great news for those who have sensitivities and intolerance.

Because Amy’s also do a selection of these frozen ready meals that contain dairy, it is worth double checking the packaging when buying to make sure you are getting the right one. I know a few folk who’ve purchased their Macaroni Cheese instead of the dairy-free Cheeze version! My particular favourite is the Thai Red Curry, which has pieces of tofu nestled in the sauce. It isn’t a particularly large portion size, but for a work lunch I’ve found it sufficient.Bol, Chilled

You may have seen BOL in the chilled section of your local supermarket already. These foodie pots come in a vartiey of flavours and are cooked in the microwave. We were surprised at how tasty and filling they were. There’s a lot of vegetables packed into each dish too, and the recipes are vegan so you needn’t worry about scrutinising the ingredients, too.

Tesco, Chilled

I have already featured a review of Tesco’s vegan Macaroni Cheese on the Canny Food blog (which you can read here) but I was pleased to learn that they have other vegan ready meals available as well. The Smoky Piqilllo Paella found in their chiller fridges has always been an ‘accidentally vegan’ product, as was their Smoky Bean Chilli. Although both marked as vegetarian, there isn’t anything that would make them unsuitable and hopefully Tesco will get round to labelling them officially SFV soon.

It is funny who many food items have milk in when there’s no need for it in the first place, and I personally miss a bowl of Heinz Tomato Soup when I’m not feeling very well. I recently discovered that they do have a SFV tomato soup from the Soup of the Day range,available in carton form. While it may not evoke childhood memories, is a great desk drawer lunch option to have to hand. 

For those wanting something a bit more hearty, Tesco’s own Mexican Chilli Bean Soup is something we buy for speedy lunches. Packed with legumes, this is a hearty winter warmer and perfect now the weather is on the turn.Sainsbury’s, Chilled

Sainsbury’s was the first UK supermarket to launch a vegan Macaroni Cheese, as well as a Vegetable Lasagne which many rave about. Both dairy and egg free, these ready meals are handy for those who want soemthing filling on the go. Not all of the Sainsbury’s stores stock these lines, which is extremely disappointing, but keep your eyes peeled as they seem to be aware of the growing demand for SFV products and are trying to introduce more lines. Asda, Chilled

As a big fan of Asda’s Meat Free Meatballs I was pleased to discover that they had a ready meal available featuring them. Sometimes on special offer, it is definitely worth picking a pack up next time you’re in store. Definitely one of the more filling meals on offer for us salad munchers!

Morrisons, Chilled

Featuring a coconut milk curry sauce, Morrisons Red Thai Curry is a healthy lunch time option for those who are time pushed.

Geo Organics, Independent Stores Nationwide

Geo Organics do a range of dishes that can be eaten as a side or as a filling lunch.  Featuring packaging with a lower carbon footprint and reclclable plastic, these are good for vegans who are conscious of waste. With seven varities to chose from, Geo are stocked in independent stores like Alternative Stores and Farplace in Newcastle. You can find out more stockists here.


These Soulful Pots from Aldi come in a range of flavours and are £1.99 a pot. Labelled as vegan and gluten free, the serving size is enough for a working lunch. Served in a microwaveable pot, the flavours were good and filling with plenty of beans. The Quinoa is mixed into the stew making it a good alternative for a lunch on the go once it has been heated.

We’ve heard that Waitrose are increasing the range they have available so we’ll keep you posted on any news once we hear more.

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Looking for mid-week supper inspiration? Check out our popular recipe for vegan Katsu Curry here.

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