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There are particular areas in Newcastle which seem to be undertaking a renaissance at the moment. Chillingham Road has recently been a hive of activity with several new eateries opening their doors (Man vs Food, Big Apple Hot Dogs amongst others), and now Clayton Road in Jesmond seems to be attracting a flurry of businesses opening their doors over the festive period. We reviewed Nineteen last week, which I’ve since discovered is stocked with food by Pulp Fiction Future Food from Whitley Bay. This week saw Tea Sutra open the doors of their second cafe in Newcastle on said street, proving there must be something in the water.


Fitted out in a minimalist fashion, the teahouse is Zen in vibe. There’s only seating for six, so be aware it may be difficult to get in once the word gets out they’re open! Mr. Canny and I felt guilty for speaking too loudly, but we were assured by the owners to make ourselves feel comfortable and relax. Having visited the Leazes Park Road historically (see mention here) I knew the drill for choosing their loose leaf tea. And by crikey there’s a huge selection!


There’s a wall of silver canisters housing said tea to chose from, which features varieties from all over the world. Mr. Canny spotted Yerba and Matcha from his beloved Brazil there, too. There’s definitely no PG here! Should you wish to take the leaves to brew at home there’s also the option to buy some of their selection pre-bagged.


imageThere’s a chiller with a small selection of guilt-free vegan treats to enjoy alongside your tea, which are 3 for £2.50. We chose Hazelnut & Salt, White Chocolate & Vanilla Bean and Goji Berry Truffles to try. The tea is a little more difficult to pick, with so many varieties with different characteristics.


Mr. Canny chose the organic Kagoshima Sencha from the south of Japan, while I opted for the decaf Sencha on account of the bump. I’m a big fan of this blend as I find it is an easy drink with a mild bouquet. The pots of this popular blend (priced between £2.90 and £4.50) arrived with their own timer so we knew when to decant to stop the tea from over stewing. We were also offered additional hot water once we’d finished, but there are only so many cups a pregnant lady can enjoy before it becomes uncomfortable!


We’d definitely recommend a trip here to enjoy a great cuppa and the relaxing ambiance. If you’re looking for wifi and comfy sofas you’ll be mighty disappointed though! There’s a Starbucks nearby for that. Tea Sutra is all about the tea, as it should be.

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Pip x

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  1. Emily

    Oh wow, had no idea they were opening a second venue! Love Tea Sutra, thanks for the heads up! x

  2. Samantha Rickelton

    Looks fab – a friend posted a pic of herself here on instagram and said it was a lovely place to chill with a brew – do they serve coffee?


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