Tea Sutra Lunch, Newcastle

I’m a big fan of a cuppa and a slice of cake, if my fan girl behaviour towards Quilliam Bros recently is anything to go by, and you definitely can’t go wrong with a good brew. There’s certainly no such thing as too much choice, in my opinion. Tea Sutra in Newcastle has over 100 different blends to choose from, much in the same way as QB does, but all of the food on offer is plant-based which sets it apart from its competitor. That means a vegan like me doesn’t have to ask or scrutinise the menu to see what is suitable.

This wonderfully Zen oasis of calm in the centre of Newcastle is somewhere I love to pop to for a pot of tea and a chance to forget about the modern world.. I was told that the Japanese teas were not available at present because Brexit had increased the prices! I will save my political rants for another day. Instead we settled on a pot of Oolong which we had alongside our lunch.

I ordered a Falafel Wrap while my friend opted for the Lebanese Falafel Bowl. There’s always a range of specials and a Soup of the Day on offer. The food is prepared fresh that day and available between 12 and 3pm. Cakes are available all day, however.

I wrote about Tea Sutra’s vegan afternoon tea on this website in the past and I’ve always been impressed by the standard of food available considering the constraints of the kitchen. There were certainly no complaints during our visit this time round either, with both of us feeling the food on offer was both filling and good value for money.

I was especially fond of the dressed side salad we were both served. Topped with a tahini dressing and toasted sunflower seeds we thought this was a lovely addition to the plate.

A menu filled with healthy treats and a platform area stacked with cushions to have a chilled out chat with friends Tea Sutra is possibly the most relaxed place to have a cup of tea in Newcastle.

Our lunch cost a little over £16, which is definitely par for the course in Newcastle. I’d much prefer to give my custom to the likes of Tea Sutra than a chain as this is the sort of independent we benefit from having in the city. Definitely a hidden gem.

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