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Dave, owner of The Corbridge Larder, was one of my original Twitter followers and someone who I frequently engage with on foodie related matters. I pop into the shop in Corbridge if I’m in the area for bits and pieces, but had never ventured up to their Morpeth branch. Always on the lookout for somewhere new I asked my niece if she wanted to come with me to sample yet another Afternoon Tea.
I’ll admit I’m not enamoured by Morpeth Town itself. It’s clearly a pretty place, with bunting and hanging baskets adorning the streets, but it feels like I’m not the right demographic to fully appreciate it. My niece enjoyed dragging me round the charity shops, but I got bored after a while. Thankfully I had the thought of cake to keep me going! I should do some more research before I return as I’m sure there’ll be some hidden treasure to explore in the vicinity.


Sanderson Arcade, on the other hand, has the expected high street stores like M&S; and The Body Shop. I thought the concierges were a little OTT for the standard of shops in there, but it was quaint nevertheless. My niece said it all seemed very ‘posh’.


Corbridge Larder has a reasonable number of tables, although it does seem a bit tightly packed. The table we chose meant I was privy to the conversation of the couple beside us, which I’m sure they weren’t happy about. I like to feel relaxed while having an Afternoon Tea and this was a very busy cafe. We should have visited later in the day rather than over the lunch period, but unfortunately that’s when we were free for our trip.

We were given a choice of the cake we wanted as part of our Afternoon Tea and both chose Victoria Sponge. I bought a slice of Coffee Cake to take home with me afterwards for Raf as it looked nice. Other options included Carrot Cake and Lemon Drizzle. Dave specifically asked for cheese scones to be put aside for us as I told him of our fruit aversion, which I’m sure anyone else can do if booking in advance.

There are a selection of sandwich fillings to chose from, which is great for fusspots like us. We had Ham & Cheese, but there’s also Smoked Salmon & Coronation Chicken available. The sandwiches were well filled and freshly prepared. I once had an Afternoon Tea at Jesmond Dene House where the bread that had been stood in the air too long and had made it slightly stale. Not good.

Eating the cake was my absolute priority so we split a scone and left some sandwiches to take home with us. The scone was very good thicked in butter, and I’m looking forward to second helpings later. My niece really loved her cake, while I thought it was a little on the dry side. A little more jam or cream might have helped, but that could be my preference. The menu stated ‘cake selection’, and judging by the photo included it looked like smaller offerings of Cannoli and Caramel Shortcake. I’m not sure which I’d have preferred more. I like ‘picky’ Afternoon Teas where there’s lots of different things to try.

Their Afternoon Tea for two was £17.95 with a pot of tea. We came home with a doggy bag and had an enjoyable afternoon together. Corbridge Larder is definitely a great place to pop in for lunch if you’re in the area.

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  1. North East Family fun

    Ah I love Morpeth but wish it had less traffic! Love the park for the kids, the famous Chinese van, the market, the shopping, the pubs, the restaurants, even the OTT staff uniforms. Love popping into the Corbridge larder for foodie bits and pieces when we are in town.


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