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I’d wanted to try out The Grind’s burgers but my veganism got in the way of it. Often cited as ‘the best’ patties in Newcastle, the team behind The Grind have been selling their wares at food markets all over the region for a while now and it’s good to hear that they will have a permanent home soon. More on that later.

I took a meat eating friend along with me to sample what The Grind were serving at their pop up in No. 28, a laidback bar close to Newcastle’s Grainger Market. This is definitely the place to go for a drink through the week if you like cool music and darkened corners to smooch in. That definitely wasn’t happening on my visit, however. It was all about the food.

Photo Credit: eatandfeelbeautiful Instagram

I was informed on Instagram by eatandfeelbeautiful (I’m so sorry I don’t know your real name!) that The Grind had rustled up a vegan burger for her. The photo looked good and it meant I would be accommodated if I visited with my friend, to whom I assured the patties would be impressive. I contacted them on Twitter – as you do – to ask about its availability. It is not something that is advertised on the menu but can be prepared with advance notice, so that I did just that. The plan was to go on a Friday night and give it a try.Monday to Thursday there’s a deal for any Cheeseburger, Buffalo Wings and fries for £10, which seems like pretty good value for money if you’re blessed with a big appetite. Prices were on a par with The Fat Hippo, the other local contender for champion burgers. Having not been as enthused by The Purple Bear’s attempt to challenge the throne I was really hoping The Grind was going to be on top form in comparison. My reputation was on the line if this was a dud.He eventually chose the Triple Buffalo, a three patty whopper with bacon and blue cheese. Not to be coy about consuming calories, he also ordered the Truffle & Parmesan Fries on the side. At £12.50 without a drink some may complain it was on the expensive side for a burger. Those people probably haven’t frequented Five Guys! I’m sure he’d have given it the thumbs up if he hasn’t been too busy ploughing through the meat and cheese feast he’d ordered.My vegan burger, it has to be said, was a lacklustre juxtaposition. Vegan cheese is not necessarily known for its ‘melty’ qualities, and it seemed to slide off the tofu. The use of the same sauces that would grace the meat options helped make it taste a bit more like the patties I sampled during my omni days, and the tofu had more of a burger bite to it than the bean burgers I’m usually served. It wasn’t as sad as it looks.. honest! The fries had been specially cooked for me in vegetable oil rather than the beef dripping they usually fry in too, which meant I could have the full shebang. I think if it had a batter coating – like the one used on their Southern Fried Paneer Burger (which is vegetarian) – I think the tofu would have been more of a success for me. It was a bit messy to eat and I resorted to knife and fork, which everyone knows is a no-no for burgers!

So, news of a new outlet reached me after the visit so I was pleased I’d not posted as quickly as normal. The appearances at No.28 and food markets like Newcastle Quayside’s Sunday Market will continue, but through the week and on a Saturday you will be able to visit The Grind’s permanent base very soon. Located at 87-88 Grainger Market, fans of their patties will be able to pop in for a lunchtime burger while picking up fruit and veg or beers from Glug. We can’t wait to see the unit once it’s finished.

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