The Journey, Newcastle

The Journey is one of those places in Newcastle you’ll have walked past and wondered what on earth it was all about. Seeing bicycles may have lead you to believe it was all about cycling, which is partly true. What I was surprised to learn about was the little cafe nestling inside, which has some pretty great vegan options available all of the time. It is also dog-friendly, meaning you don’t have to leave your pooch outside if you fancy a coffee. Myself and Mr. Canny popped along for a Saturday lunch to see what was on offer.

As we have mentioned before on the blog, one of the reasons we started to look into veganism was the environment. Resources, waste and transport are ‘hot topics’ even in our local area, especially with the rise in congestion around Newcastle city centre. The Journey is the local centre for sustainability and provides information about the cycle and walking paths in the area. There is a partnership with Recyke y’Bike, as well as an on-site mechanic who runs bike maintenance classes. Mr. Canny has been longing to purchase a new bike since his bit the dust, and it got him talking about us cycling as a family as we have many great routes close to where we live.

You don’t have to be a cycle nut to want to visit The Journey though, which is a good thing as I can’t see me donning Lycra any time soon 🙂 The food options were enough to tempt me, and a range of herbal teas from  EasyTeasy too. Good to also see the theme of supporting start-ups continuing with coffee coming from Sandyford-based roastery Colour Coffee. Everything served is produced in an fair and sustainable way, sourced locally to minimise food miles.

The feel is very relaxed and informal. Folk were popping in for a coffee or sandwich to go, while others chatted over their lattes. There was no confusion with food as everything was very clearly labelled as vegetarian or vegan. 

Mr. Canny chose to try out the Super Food Chilli (£4.45), which was backed with sweet potatoes and beans. There was a nice warmth to the dish from the chilli, and it was good to see it was also gluten-free with the serving of Sourdough on the side. 

My Red Lentil Soup (£3.95) was the perfect lunch on a cold Saturday. With potatoes, carrots, coriander, garlic and spices it was a hearty bowl of soup, especially with the bread. I tried to share with Dinky but she was more interested in the scone we had for dessert.

Served warm with a choice of raspberry or strawberry jam, this was a nice way to round off lunch. Supplied by The French Oven, there is the promise vegan cakes will be available soon. 

With vegan breakfast options always available, as well as consistent vegan lunch options, The Journey is a real hidden gem in the city centre. Pop in for a bargain lunch then head to the Laing for an afternoon of art and culture.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

The Journey are participating in the UK’s first Vegan Restaurant Week, happening between the 23rd and the 29th January in the North East. More information can be found here.


  1. Gwen Young

    Lots of good information – thanks. We were going to go on Saturday but saw on their website it’s only open Mon-Fri so we clearly missed out 🙁 Will try again in the future.

    1. The Journey

      Hi Gwen!
      It’s Izzy from The Journey, I’m very sorry you missed us!
      Unfortunately our website isn’t up to date and we are in the process of fixing this. We are open every Saturday 10am-4pm.
      You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for regular updates.
      Hope to see you soon!

      1. Gwen Young

        Thanks Izzy. My OH is a mad cyclist so his eyes lit up when I said there was a cycle cafe nearby (we were in Byker at the time) so we’ll def be making a trip to see you soon 🙂

  2. galbacco

    Wonder if there’s a trend developing? York has a great little place too called Bicis Y Mas that is a bike shop and veggie/vegan cafe. Well worth a visit. Look forward to visiting Journey, thanks for sharing…


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