The Origami Cafe, Alnwick

When recently visiting Alnwick I became a little concerned about where I’d be able to pop to for a light bite to eat. With a Costa in the town centre I knew I could get a cuppa – they have plant milk available – but with no food options I feared I’d be clamming by the time we got to our reservation at Mivesi (see post here).

Imagine my delight at seeing a mention of vegan food on the menu of a quirky cafe we’d passed by! The Origami Cafe is run by a lovely lady called Judy and is located on Narrowgate. Unfortunately there were no SFV cakes on the day I visited, but we were informed that with notice they can definitely be whipped up.

The impressive display of cakes, made by Judy herself, looked delicious. My Mum and sister couldn’t resist sharing a slice of Victoria Sponge while I looked on jealously. Judy said that she always has a dairy/egg free option available on a weekend but stated the reason she doesn’t all week round is because of how people react towards a vegan cake. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this argument. The wonderful Urban Bakery in Gateshead do one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve eaten, vegan or otherwise. I’m told they sometimes struggle to sell it when it’s marked as such. I find this crazy, to be honest. Are people really that blinkered towards allergen friendly foods? Just because I’m vegan doesn’t mean I exist on a diet of twigs and leaves. The fact my size 8 jeans no longer fit is testament to it!

The one thing I could have was an Oreo Cookie Milkshake. Made with soya milk and thickened with Swedish Glacé ice cream this was a milkshake even the Teen couldn’t fail to enjoy, despite his protestations towards vegan food. Dinky wanted in too and ended up stealing half! There are lots of different flavours to chose from and Oreo isn’t the only vegan variety available.

My sister enjoyed her luxury Hot Chocolate, complete with marshmallows and lots of cream, while my Mum had a pot of tea. The total was just a tenner, which I found hard to believe.

The Origami Cafe in Alnwick is definitely a place you should drop into if you happen to be in the area, vegan or otherwise. After we’d settled the bill Judy gave us some origami birds to take with us for luck, along with a paper boat for the baby. Judy’s warmth and enthusiasm make her a wonderful host and add to the unique charm of this quirky little café and gift shop.

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