The Tyne Bar, Newcastle

When people ask about vegan pub grub the default recommendation is The Ship Inn, Newcastle’s first pub with an all-vegan food menu. I was surprised to learn that another watering hole close by was also serving up plentiful plant-based food to its punters.

The Tyne Bar is not vegan or vegetarian, but it seems a lot of the staff who work there are. Perhaps the kitchen have been given some advice because they have created an impressive selection of meat free dishes for those who also avoid dairy and eggs.

I visited with my sister and the Teen recently having struggled to think of somewhere a) I haven’t already tried out and b) that would cater for us all. The mention of Macaroni Cheese tempted him while my sister said she was wanting to sample one of the hot dog sausages they had on offer. 

Considering it was a midweek lunch I was surprised at how busy it was. There was also diverse mix of folk there too. It was good to see older folk supping pints alongside us younger pups 🙂 

Rather than ordering Falafel, which I see on the majority of menus as the vegan option, I picked a Chana Masala Wrap. The soft tortilla was filled with delicately spiced chickpeas, spinach and mango chutney. The mini poppadums accompanying were a nice touch, although being the piggy I am had also agreed to split a portion of Vietnamese Sweet Potato Fries with my sister too. Eyes were definitely bigger than my tummy on this occasion!

The fries were the highlight for me. I worried a little about the heat of the Sriracha but found the pairing with tahini created a mildly spiced peanutty topping. 

Lucy enjoyed her Mac and Cheese topped Hot Dog, while the Teen said his Texan Burger was ‘peng’. 

They certainly hadn’t scrimped on the patty. Having the beastly appetite of a growing lad he had also requested a side of Macaroni Cheese, which didn’t last long. 

We all were in agreement that the food had pleasantly surprised us and was good value for the portion sizes we were served up.

I didn’t think I could manage any more until I was told there was a vegan Tiffin available for pud. If there’s a decent vegan dessert I absolutely have to partake.. for blogging purposes 🙂

A buttery peanut base was covered with a thick chocolate topping and served as a generous slab for just £1.50. The Teen stole a bite and decided he wanted a chunk for himself which is high praise indeed.

We were on the soft drinks so can’t really attest to the booze available, although I’m told by pals that The Tyne Bar has a great selection of local beers on offer from the likes of Wylam Brewery. With a free jukebox, plentiful outdoor seating for when the weather is nice – complete with disco ball! – great food and live music events, it has the potential to become one of my favourite pubs. A must-visit for those looking for somewhere to get a decent pint and grub. You can find out more here.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

Update – I visited with some friends last weekend and sampled more of the menu. The Falafel Wrap was delicious and filling. My only complaint was I’d ordered the burger, not the wrap! I didn’t want good food to be wasted so ate it anyway. The Black Bean Jerk Jumble was also tasty and filling, with just enough heat for our palates. Great portion sizes and value for money. 

I was pleased to hear that vegan options are available during their Burger Nights every Thursday, so I’ll definitely pop along. Seriously, I love this place 🙂


  1. Steve

    This place sounds like a must visit.

  2. Gary Moore

    A great bar, good live music too. They’ve always had veggie options, but the new menu is a great development.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      For a non-veggie place they have so many interesting non-meat options. Chuffed to see so many places accommodating so well!

  3. Inga Lightley

    Thanks for this review Emma – I was walking past this Bar nearly every day on the way to the car park and would have never guessed that they have some vegan options or a vegan menu! 😁
    Me and my vegan friend tried the wrap and sweet fries you recommended. Like you said – really good potion sizes (so much so, that we shared one wrap and one dish of fries between us) and good value for money.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      I’m pleased you enjoyed it too!


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