The Wild Trapeze, Heaton Road

I’m not a big fan of breakfast as I don’t really get the chance to eat it properly. Trying to get us all out of the house on a weekday morning is a chore enough first thing, so at the weekend I try to make a concerted effort to enjoy the meal as we have more time. We decided to eat out for a change (I know!) and give somewhere new a try for brekkie, and searched on Instagram for some delicious looking plates of grub. The Wild Trapeze came up with tasty pancakes so it was agreed we’d head there.
The interior reminded me so much of The Butterfly Cabinet I thought for a second we’d entered the wrong cafe on Heaton Road. The one thing that sets it apart is the piano which sits in the corner of the cafe. My favourite Dante Gabriel Rossetti work adorns the wall alongside other ‘reimagined’ artworks. We could have visited Butterfly as it is tried and tested, but feel it has become predictable. Even in its previous incarnation as Belle & Herbs the menu was pretty much the same, and you’d have to queue for a bacon sarnie. Not necessary now there’s 4 cafes on the same stretch of road! Looking at the Trapeze menu we were eagerly anticipating the Banana & Sugared Bacon Buttermilk Pancakes and hoped we weren’t going to be disappointed.
The boys decided they were going split the pancakes and waffles to sample both. I ordered a Cumberland Sausage sandwich and Spirulina Smoothie, which seemed like a wonderful juxtaposition. I felt very virtuous with this Kermit-green drink packed with berries and spinach, sprinkled with chia seeds, until my stottie arrived 🙂
The bananas accompanying the pancakes and waffles were cooked in their skins. Not a problem for Raf, who has actually been known to eat the whole caboodle, but Jnr complained about having to ‘fish’ out the flesh and assemble it himself. The lazy youth of today! The bacon was super sweet, which oddly worked for me, and the maple syrup cream was an interesting touch. I tried both (for comparative purposes, you understand!) and my definite favourite was the pancake. Jnr said the waffles. I felt they were light & had a texture which worked well with the syrup and the bacon. Raf said he enjoyed both so was no help in deciding a winner!
The cafe was busy the whole time we were there, which is a positive sign. The service was cheery and prompt, and the only quibble I had was getting brown sauce instead of red with my sandwich. Not the end of the world and was easily fixed. Prices there are also reasonable, with the pancakes costing £6.50 I believe.
There are over 18 blends of tea available, so I’m sure it would take a while to try all the options. I must admit we went for the standard English Breakfast, being the bores we are. The cakes on offer looked delicious, although we definitely didn’t have any tummy room to sample them. The Wild Trapeze also offer an Afternoon Tea, which is available to book in advance. We may have to pop back soon to try this.
Thanks for reading,
Pip x
P.S It was cash only when we visited.


  1. North East Family fun

    Well everyone knows you don't have red sauce with a bacon sarnie – it has to be brown! I am the same as you – always order a super healthy raw juice or smoothie and feel all smug…..and then my breakfast arrives! Oh well, some vitamins are better than none I guess! I've never heard of anywhere cooking banana's in their skins – sounds interesting (actually I lie – when we were little we used to BBQ banana's in the Summer).

  2. Emma Phillips

    Brown?! No no! I don't agree with that 🙂


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