Sunday Brunch at Thought Foundation

You may recall earlier in the year I wrote a post about a newly opened cafe in Birtley called Thought Foundation. I was really impressed with this arts/cultural hub and wanted to return with Dinky. It seemed child friendly, the menu had vegan dishes highlighted, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

It was great to see that the venue has evolved since my last visit (which you can read about here). The outdoor area is complete, although it is a shame the seating area and sand pit will probably not get much use now. Seriously, did we get a summer this year because I think I missed it!

There are two new installations in the gallery, and one was of particular interest to Dinky. It was hard work trying to keep her off the balls! What is reassuring is the fact there is so much space at Thought Foundation for kids to wander round. Of course, parents do have to keep their eyes peeled, but it feels very relaxed in comparison to other places we’ve visited recently.

This was the first Sunday opening and it was quiet. I was hoping there’d be things like (veggie) sausage sarnies and things of that ilk, but it is a limited menu. Not fancying toast or a bagel – which were the options for us – we ordered a Rainbow Salad and an Avocado & Tapenade Sandwich. With oat milk available my friend was able to order a Latte while we waited for our food to arrive.

Dinky thoroughly enjoyed the Imagination Station, especially when some other children arrived to entertain her. She ate her raisins while playing with pretty much everything Thought Foundation had set out for them. 

The food arrived quickly and was generous in portion size. 

I’m not a fan of food on boards but I tried to move past this. Piles of well dressed veggies, hummus and warm falafel were served with good quality olives as my Rainbow Salad.

The salty tapenade featured on my friend’s sandwich gave the filling a much needed salty hit. The avocado and hummus would have been bland on their own, so this was a good call on the kitchen’s part.

On my last visit I had been disappointed by a lack of vegan cake, but no such issue this time round. There was a dairy free Coffee Cake available, but this was not egg free too. Instead, we were given the chance to try a Carrot Cake made with flaxseed. 

When ordering I also discovered that they use Cadburys Chocolate Powder, which meant I was able to have a hot drink with my dessert. The cake was impressive and it would be great to see more options being made without egg as I personally don’t think there’s a difference made to texture and taste with the flax substitute.

It was the first time my friend had visited and he was impressed with the cafe and gallery. He said the food was good and the prices were reasonable. I agree and look forward to returning again with Dinky. It’s fantastic we have this community project that caters so well for children not far from us.

Thought Foundation is open 10am until 4pm daily, with some occasion evening events extending their hours. For mums who are breastfeeding there is also a support group held here and a multi-sensory Art workshop for little ones that they are sure to enjoy getting stuck into. Check out their website for further information.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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