Time Banh Mi, Newcastle

It is great to be able to share menus where I’m surprised by more than one vegan option. That was certainly the case when I recently popped into Time Banh Mi, a Vietnamese street food cafe located on Newcastle’s historic Grainger Street.

Unlike VietCafe along the road, Time don’t have a specific vegan menu available. Thankfully the listing on the wall marks what is suitable, which takes a lot of the guess work out of whether there’s hidden ingredients that would make it incompatible with our diet.It wasn’t the banh mi featured in its moniker I was interested in on this particular visit but the Tofu Ninja Curry (£6.95), while my friend had requested the Vegan Pho Noodle Soup (£6.95). I was disappointed that the Summer Rolls had sold out earlier in the day, so unfortunately I can’t report back on them at present.

There’s the option to sit in but as I was in a dash I picked up our food to go. While I was waiting for my order I sat at one of the communal tables as someone had managed to nab the prime window seat to do a spot of people watching. I imagine it is harder at peak times like lunch to get a table, although they have tried to get as many covers as they could into their prime spot. I had quite the rush to get our food home while it was still warm but managed it. I seemed to bypass a few Deliveroo cyclists as I walked quickly through the city centre to the car!

I was asked about levels of spice and was given the accompanying Sweet Chilli for my curry in a pot so I could add to taste. The Tofu Ninja was drier than I was expecting, with the word ‘curry’ suggesting to me an unctuous coconut sauce to coat my rice. It did feel healthy, much like their website description suggests. 

The Pho went down a treat, especially with the chunks of tofu. My friend felt a bit more chilli could have been added to give it a bit more of a zing, but that might just be down to personal preference. A bowl of noodle broth is just what you need when you feel like you’re coming down with the lurgy, as he was.

As the Teen decided he wanted meat (groan) I had to ask for a recommend from the staff. They gave him a bowl that featured three different types of pork which he seemed to love. I’ll leave that there for any meat-eaters who are reading.

As well as the rice bowl and the noodle soup there’s a vegan sandwich option, which is great for those looking for a speedy lunch in the Toon. I’m impressed by the fact there isn’t just one dish on the menu and feel the food is decent value for money. Another one to try out the next time you’re needing inspiration and don’t fancy another Zizzi’s.

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Pip x

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