The Tower Cafe – Leazes Park, Newcastle

The Teen and I used to enjoy popping into The Tower Cafe if we happened to be in Ouseburn and fancied a pizza. With only a few tables, sometimes it would be a takeaway for us if it happened to be busy. Sophie and Stef were always welcoming in its former home of Uptin House so we were sad to hear that they were losing their quirky cafe due to the redevelopment of the building.

Thankfully they’ve managed to find a new location in the picturesque Leazes Park, in the shadow of the iconic St.James’ Park. I wanted to pop along to see how they were getting on in the new spot. 

On a brisk autumn day it was lovely to take a walk through the park and crunch through the russet leaves on our way to The Tower Cafe, which is housed in the Richardson Road Lodge. We took the opportunity to have a chat before we ordered our pizzas and it was great to see an extensive menu still on offer, despite the change in location. 

The Teen decided he wanted Chicken, Red Onion and Sweetcorn (£7.50) while I opted for Courgette, Mushroom, and Sundried Tomatoes (£7). As Tower don’t offer dairy free alternatives mine was served without mozzarella. I felt mine could have done with a little more tomato sauce to compensate for the removal of the cheese. I’m sure if I’d asked they’d have happily obliged. 

We ate our pizzas in the outside seating area as the weather was pleasant enough. I believe the plan is to create a larger area and have an indoor space eventually. I hope something can be organised before it turns chilly. In the meantime, Tower will be doing pop-ups at the likes of Tyne Bank Brewery which is great news for them. 

I was a little sad not to see Calzone on offer here as it had been in Ouseburn, but I appreciate that things are a work in progress. For now I’m happy to report that the redevelopment of Uptin wasn’t the end of this family business, merely a change of location, and that fans of Stef’s pizzas make the trip to Leazes Park to support them.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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