Tyneside Bar Cafe, Newcastle

We’ve been out and about a lot since Dinky was born with our guests, showing them the highlights of the North East. One place they enjoyed visiting was the Tyneside Cinema, especially the tour of the building. They were able to watch an old newsreel as well as finding out more about the history of the building. It is something we’d highly recommend participating in to anyone, even if you’re a local like me!

imageWe stopped off at the wonderful cafe for food as I was reliably informed they were amenable in regards to breast feeding. This is something I’m still struggling to get the knack of in public, and it’s good to note that there are places that aren’t squeamish towards this. There was plenty of space to manoeuvre the buggy, and to park it beside the table.
image Mr. Canny remarked that it was good to see an eatery marking which beers were suitable for vegans on the menu. This is something which is often overlooked. He uses a website called Barnivore but can’t always use it if there’s a problem with signal. Having some note to let vegans and vegetarians know what they can and can’t drink is really helpful.image

Food was a little more problematic as we couldn’t decide what to order. Their menu  isn’t huge, especially for those who don’t eat meat. I chose Goats Cheese Fritters, which were one of the starter options on the daily specials. With the portion size I could have easily eaten two servings and was pleased I ordered a side of fries too. The fritters were delicious and clearly very moreish. The beetroot salsa-style sauce they were served with added an earthy tang to the creamy cheese.


Our guest ordered a giant Bratwurst which lived up to its name, and remarked it was an excellent sausage. Served on a bed of fries, it was good value for money at £8.95, and the perfect accompaniment to the ales on offer. This cinema ‘hot dog’ certainly beats the rubbery offenders usually found at the locak multiplex, that’s for sure.


Mr. Canny’s Falafel dish was, in his opinion, very dry. Served with hummus, flatbread and a salad, he said he was in need of another pint after consuming it. Of course he polished it off, and ordered another pale ale in the process.
imageFood and drink was £38, with main courses between £7.50 and £12.50. There was no room for pudding, but I hear their Chocolate Brownie Sundae is delicious. I really should make a point of popping in just to sample the desserts. Service is at the bar, but unfortunately I found the staff on the brusque side when we visited. A real shame as the last time we reviewed the establishment (Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea – here) this was something we were very impressed by. Maybe just an off day. We all have them.

This city centre bar cafe is definitely worth a visit, even if you aren’t popping next door to watch a film. If you are planning on catching a flick, it’s a more sophisticated alternative to the cheesy nachos and polystyrene popcorn usually associated with eating at the cinema.

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We listed Tyneside Bar Cafe as one of our picks for dining out with kids in April’s Taste Magazine. The full article can be found here.

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