Ury Easy Bites and Parlour – Opening Day*


This week we were invited along to try the food on offer at Newcastle Quayside’s newest eatery. One of Canny Food’s favourite Indian restaurants, Ury, has opened up a cafe next door to its popular restaurant, and are serving up authentic street food alongside some of their popular dishes. You can read about our last visit here.


The cafe’s interior matches the restaurant, with an omelette station and counter stocked with frosting-topped cupcakes and fruit to be used in freshly prepared smoothies and shakes to order.


The focus of Ury’s Easy Bites eatery is quick and tasty snack foods. We were welcomed with Serbat Cus-Cus, a drink made with brown sugar, ginger, lemongrass and cinnamon. It was very sweet, but it worked well with the spice of the food that was served up during our visit. image

I’m a big fan of the baskets of tea snacks and pickles Ury serve up, especially the fantastically earthy Beetroot and Roasted Garlic. With a few beers these are a great Friday night snack.

imageMy friend tried the meaty snacks, which included Chicken Samosas and Lamb Rolls.image

Vegetarians are well catered for with Aloo Bonda, a very famous Mumbai street snack. Round balls of mashed and spiced potatoes are dipped in besan batter and deep fried to create these deliciously moreish titbits.


Adukku Pathiri is a famous Keralan dish. There are two ways of making this, a sweet version with a sweet stuffing and a savoury version with chicken stuffing. I have tasted both the versions and they are delicious. Ury Easy Bites are serving up the chicken-stuffed version. “Adukku” means “layered” and “Pathiri” means “crepes made of rice flour”. On the menu it is billed simply as Chicken Pie, which I’m sure will make it appealing to us Geordies brought up on Greggs 🙂

imageDinky tried out their Appam, rice pancakes that are made without dairy or eggs and are therefore suitable for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. There was also a Coconut Jaggery Cake for dessert, which is made with coconut oil and milk, also making it suitable for those who follow a plant-based diet. They also offer a range of soya-based milkshakes and smoothies, which definitely marks them apart from other cafes in the city. I’m looking forward to returning with Mr. Canny, who I’m sure will appreciate the thought and effort Ury have put in to providing such great alternatives on their menu.


My only real quibble is the way food is served at the moment. We received a school dinner-style tray with packets of condiments and plastic knives and forks. This is not befitting of an eatery linked to somewhere as classy as Ury, and disappointingly screams work canteen. Still, it is very early days and hopefully this will be corrected in due course.


Open 9am until 11pm every day, I think Ury’s Easy Bites and Parlour will be popular with Newcastle’s office worker and those wanting something a little different to the quaint bakeries that dominate the coffee and cake market in the area. I know it will be popular with vegans because of the thought that has gone into providing tasty dairy, meat and egg-free alternatives. Prices are reasonable too, with their street food snacks between £2.50 and £4. Sandwiches and wraps are also available to order. For more information check out Ury’s Facebook page here.

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