Wildflower Vegan Cheeze Subscription Boxes – Review

One of the many reasons people cite for not turning vegan is cheese. I’ll admit it was one of my original stumbling blocks, fearing the dairy free alternatives in the supermarkets that I’d tried historically were the best accessible. Thankfully times have changed and there’s a wealth of choice available in my home city of Newcastle.

For those who live in areas that aren’t well serviced by vegan stores like we are may rely on mail order companies to send goodies to them.¬†Alternative Stores has a great selection of vegan cheeses, while local cafe Wildflower (which have featured previously on the website here) have recently set up their own subscription box offer. I have never signed up to something like this and was intrigued to find out what was on offer.

For ¬£20 you will receive a both containing 3 artisan dairy free cheeses that have been handmade by Wildflower. The box included crackers and even a helpful wine pairing guide for each of the wedges. This will be sent through the post, although I picked mine up directly from the cafe as I live 5 minutes away from its home on Newcastle’s Westgate Road. There was also an ‘About Us’ which added a personal touch to the experience.

I’m new to the whole ‘unboxing’ thing so didn’t do a video as other bloggers may have done. It was also difficult trying to take photographs as the vultures in the house were hovering and trying to steal bits before I’d finished!

I started off with the French Truffle, which was creamy in texture. The notes said it was reminiscent of Camembert and I’d agree. I recently tried to make my own cashew nut version of the French classic (which you can read about here) and they tasted very similar. The garlicky truffle was delicate and I found the texture made it easy to spread on the accompanying crackers.

Next up was the Herbs de Provence, which was topped with a variety of herbs and lavender. Because of the floral flavour I was not as keen on this variety as the others.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Mature Cheddar. This was by far my favourite. Its savoury flavour gave way to a slightly sweeter after-taste which was almost like caramel.

Made mixing oil, cashews, yeast and soya beans, these cheeses are not going to be exactly like dairy cheeses in their mouth feel but for those who have become accustomed to the differences between vegan and non-vegan cheese this will not be a surprise. Each wedge has an almost ‘butter’ like consistency which works well for using on the crackers.

For those worried about allergens the information is included as to what each contains. A box should last 5 days once refrigerated, although ours was eaten quite quickly. Because of the ingredients, these cheeses can be frozen to use at a later date.

Subscription boxes are a great way of trying out new products and with new cheeses produced each month Wildflower’s will be a pleasant surprise each month it arrives. You can find out more here.

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