The Broad Chare, Newcastle Quayside


Having Brazilian guests a few weeks ago meant we had to think of the best places in the North East we could take them. They arrived at Newcastle Airport on a thankfully sunny Sunday, and we took them for an amble through the Quayside Market and round the Baltic after they’d dropped their bags off at the new gaff. My concern was for where we’d feed them and opted for The Broad Chare. We called in advance, knowing how busy they get on a Sunday, and to also check if they could adapt something for the vegan.


Having featured Broad Chare on the blog already, albeit briefly, I knew that their introduction to the Great British institution that is the Sunday lunch was in safe hands. I was incredulous that they’d never experienced this before though, given that they have travelled to the UK and lived in Dublin for a number of years. Imagine how difficult it is trying to explain what a Yorkshire Pudding is to someone who has never seen one, let alone eaten it!


Brazilians are known for their meat loving ways, so the Beef was going to go down a treat with them. That’s why many find Mr. Canny’s recent conversion to veganism so difficult to understand, and he’s spent an inordinate amount of time trying to explain the ethical reasons behind it to his friends back home. I also knew that my brother-in-law would especially like the selection of beers they had on offer.


Mr. Canny had very limited options when we were given the menu, and the staff were apologetic. He had Bubble and Squeak, which is normally served with Fried Duck Eggs as their vegetarian option, and a side order of greens. I had to describe what this was to him as he’d never eaten it before, and I felt it was a shame he didn’t have a ‘proper’ meal in the way we all did. I thought the offering was rather paltry, as did he. Rather selflessly he said he was more concerned about our guests having a lovely meal. Awwww!


Having been a creature of habit and ordering Beef on my previous visits I decided to go for the Lamb this time round, which was deliciously soft. image

The meat was on the fatty side, which Lamb often is, and unfortunately my Yorkie Pud was a little more ‘done’ than I’d have liked. The gravy was also wetter than I like, but the additional jug that was served with was slightly thicker and more to my preference.


My brother-in-law also chose the Lamb, which he enjoyed. He thought the root veg mash which accompanied the main was on the peppery side, which I’d agree with. I thought it helped through the sweetness of the combo, but he said it was difficult for his palate. He wolfed down the Yorkshire Pudding, too.

My nieces were less keen, although to be fair to them they ate the very pink Beef that was served to them. Jnr absolutely adores Yorkshire Puddings and would eat a plateful, but the girls weren’t interested. They did like the creamy mash and chips that were served instead of the Crispy Roasties usually found on a Broad Chare Sunday lunch.

I personally enjoyed my lunch there and will happily return. In future it might be better to take younger kids somewhere else though, especially if it’s the first time they’ve eaten a particular dish. It isn’t exactly the cheapest Sunday lunch option in Newcastle, and I felt sad the girls’ food was wasted.

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  1. Katie Bryson

    Love a good slap up sunday lunch and have always wanted to try this place… must take my family next time they visit as it’s right up their street 🙂

  2. samantha rickelton

    Sometimes eating out with younger kids can be tricky can’t it! We’ve only ever been to The Broad Chare for drinks – I definitely need to try the food. Despite your well done yorkie it still looks lovely. Hope the spare yorkshires were scooped up by someone else on the table! x

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      As they been nibbled on no-one did. Such a waste! x


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