The Engine Room, Gateshead

Me and Mr. Canny have recently taken to volunteering at the local animal shelter, which means long walks with doggies on Sundays and kitten cuddling. While out on one such walk we discovered a pub not far from where we live, which had clearly just had a renovation. The Engine Room is not one we were familiar with, even as locals. We dropped the dogs back at Brysons and then headed over to give their lunch a whirl. Being a Sunday Roast aficionado (evidenced best of all with my reviews of The Feathers and my Best Of guide) I definitely had to have an open mind as I have pretty high standards when it comes to my grub!
The interior is pleasant and we were able to grab a table easily. I opted for their Beef, while Mr. Canny had the Pork. Both were £8.95 and served with all the expected bits and pieces you’d get on a roast dinner. They arrived quickly after he’d ordered them from the bar, but our accompanying vegetables took a little longer to come from the kitchen. Maybe it was our hunger that made it seem like a long wait, but I didn’t hang around to wait for them before starting to plough my way through the meat and Yorkie pud! The gravy was disappointingly thin, which is evidenced in the way it ‘slopped’ round the plate in transit to the table. I’d say the lunch wasn’t going to win any prizes for presentation, but my meat was cooked well (probably a bit overdone for others, but it wasn’t as chewy as you’d expect from beef not pink in the middle). There was a disappointing lack of crackling with the Mr’s meat, too. I had to remind myself that it was a reasonably cheap offering compared to Staith House, another one of my favourites, so we weren’t going to get perfection. It was a decent portion size, and the staff were friendly enough.
We decided to try out Apple Pie for dessert, which was served with a very generous glug of custard. I’m not usually a fan, but I enjoyed their offering. It had just the right amount of tart, which the custard helped to cut through.
With drinks our lunch came to just less than £30, which wasn’t bad. We’ll probably return because of the proximity to home for us, and my laziness in the kitchen. This new establishment needs to work on its finesse if they want to attract diners from further afield, though.
Thanks for reading,
Pip x
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  1. North East Family Fun

    Hmmm beef looks too over done for my taste but roasties and yorkshires look good – not bad for £8.95 xx

    1. Lee

      You do get option pink or past, all cooked fresh, cook pink to 52. Always more crackling for pork if asked,same as veg, yorkies, roasties there if any customer asks. Roasties done in the beef fat from the fresh stock done through oven, not frier with rosemarry, normally from a customers garden. And garlic. Veg dinners with marmite finished same way. Not many places in a five mile radius put freshness, quality first ahead of frozen fried day before cooked meat… Even city centre the same. New venue learning how to produce fresh produce. The team are progressing, I know i have ranted but I believe in the quality, food and venue. Come spend a few hours with us I’m sure u will be won over by the work, skill & passion we have.


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