The Ship Inn, Ouseburn- Review

It has been a while since I’ve properly featured The Ship Inn, a pub with a wholly vegan menu in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle. That’s not been because we’ve not been visiting. Au contraire! We have been dropping by this canny watering hole from time to time to have food with our friends or a cheeky pint when we’ve been Dinky-free.

Since our review last July (which you can read here) the pub has built up a huge fan base and has folk raving about its grub. I have even seen non-veggies saying they’ve enjoyed a meal here. I think people can be put off eating in places that advertise themselves as vegetarian or vegan and automatically make presumptions about the menu/standard of food. The Ship has benefited from tempting punters in with its selection of cask and draft ales – which are now all vegan – and won many over with a good selection of pub grub.

Craving some rib-sticking food we dropped by with a friend from overseas who was game for trying something vegan. We felt that The Ship was a good bet to wow on the Sunday lunch front. We’ve been impressed by The Lucky Fish & Chips and the burgers that they serve up recently, which now feature in our Top 5 Veggie Burgers in the North East, but we definitely wanted to steer Gustavo towards something more traditionally British during our visit. 

You definitely can’t beat proper chips like these, and the nori-wrapped tofu ‘fish’ has been a very popular dish with people visiting the pub. 

It was the first time we’d tried out House Kimchi, which the gentleman on the adjacent table said was his personal favourite when it arrived. It packed quite a punch and was laden with vegetables. For those who are more WFPB (whole food plant based) this dish would probably be a good recommendation. It is worth noting that The Ship don’t use fake meats like Quorn on their menu.

I fancied a good old pie, which was served with all the Sunday lunch trimmings. The pastry was good and the veggie filling was tasty, but the star of the show for me was the braised red cabbage. It still retained an al dente bite and was slightly pickled, which worked beautifully with the sweet carrots and roast potatoes. I still feel the ‘lush’ gravy could do with being a little thicker – a sentiment many share – but hey ho.Gustavo said he enjoyed the roast, which was made with a mix of beetroot and nuts. He couldn’t manage the whole plate of food and he said it was very filling, a sentiment I shared with my abundant plate of grub. Both mains were £10 and good value for money.

The only thing I felt was particularly disappointing was dessert. We opted for a slice of Chocolate Cake from the bar selection. It was nice enough, but I don’t think we could refer to it as a ‘slice’. Definitely more of a sliver. 

We love visiting The Ship and it’s great to have a fully vegan pub on our doorstep. With a busy bar and advice to book a table if wanting food there is no fear that this boozer will be changing its ways and going back to serving meat, that’s for sure. It is also positive to hear that many who eat here aren’t vegetarian or vegan, proof that the menu is encouraging people to view plant based in a new and exciting way.

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Pip x

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  1. catherine

    Love this pub and those home cooked chips look amazing! so great that someone is doing something so different and is being so succesful with it!


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