Vegetarian and Vegan Sunday Lunches in Newcastle

Knowing how hard it has been to find Sunday lunch options that have not been bloody risotto I decided to write a round-up post of the places in Newcastle we’ve been able to enjoy a roast dinner. Let us know if you’ve found any others that accommodate both vegetarians and vegans. Often we find the Nut Roast to be bound by egg, which renders it unsuitable for vegans. Hopefully more places will accommodate both in future as there’s definitely a demand. There’s still nowhere in Newcastle serving up vegan Yorkshire Puddings however, although I’ve now perfected my own recipe for you to try at home. This can be found here.

The Northumberland Hussar

A recent addition to The Hussar’s menu thanks to lots of badgering, this vegan Quorn Sunday lunch joins the vegetarian Nut Roast on their menu. At £8.95 this is good value for money considering the portion size. You can read more about our visit here.

The Cosy Dove, Spital Tongues

We were impressed by the price and the quality of the Sunday lunch at The Cosy Dove, a reasonably new pub within walking distance of Newcastle City Centre. This charming pub had a menu that showed off locally-sourced produce.

imageWith classic British favourites utilising top quality ingredients, the team at Cosy Dove want to showcase the best the region has to offer.

imageTheir Nut Roast was suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and at £6.95 is an absolute bargain. image

The vegetarian option came with Cauliflower Cheese and Roast Potatoes, which were fantastic. It’s a shame the vegan offering looked sparse in comparison, and it could have been improved by a more generous helping of the Roast for Mr. Canny to compensate. You can read our full review here.

The Town Wall, Newcastle

imageOne of the earliest vegan meals Mr. Canny had was a Sunday lunch at The Town Wall pub, located not far from Newcastle’s Central Station.

imageHe was very impressed with the standard of Nut Roast he was served up, and was so impressed with the gravy he asked staff for clarification on whether it was really suitable for veggies!

At £8.95 it’s also a reasonable price, and you can read more about our visit here. It may have been over a year since our last meal there, but we’ve been assured by friends they still offer a vegetarian and vegan-friendly lunch option if this tickles your taste buds.

Wylam Brewery, Exhibition Park

imageOne of our absolute favourite Nut Roasts, and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Definitely worth a trip, especially if you are a big fan of real ales and beers.

imageYou can read more about the food available at Wylam Brewery here. Booking is recommended as it is extremely popular.

The Earl of Pitt Street, Newcastle

Unfortunately their Nut Roast is not for vegans at the moment, but it is such a lovely Sunday lunch venue I couldn’t not include it.

imageWhen asked for a recommendation for a decent roast I always suggest The Earl. You can read about our last visit here, when we took my Brazilian sister-in-law to try out her first. Spoiler: she loved it! 🙂

The Ship Inn, Ouseburn

imageTo compensate for my inclusion of the solely vegetarian Sunday lunch from The Earl of Pitt Street, here’s a wholly vegan alternative from the recently re-opened Ship Inn. Operating a vegan kitchen – although the bar has beers that aren’t suitable so it’s worth checking what you can and can’t drink before ordering at the bar – The Ship Inn has experienced a boon in popularity over the last few months.image

We’ve heard that there are even more delicious dishes on offer since we first visited back in August of this year – which you can read about here – including Red Onion Wellington and Suet Pudding.

imageThe desserts on offer were also top-notch, so you’d better save room for afters!

The Central Bar, Gateshead

We couldn’t do a post about veggie Sunday dinners and not mention our local. The Central Bar do a consistent range of vegetarian and vegan dishes every day of the week, which makes it one of Mr. Canny’s favourite places to drop into after work.

imageWith Roasts suitable for vegetarians and vegans, everyone is accommodated. They also have a canny selection of beers on offer, too.

We hope this has given you plenty of options to try next time you’re nursing a hangover or can’t be bothered to cook for the family! You can also find a vegan-friendly Sunday lunch option at Toby Carvery. You can read our review here.

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Pip x

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