What to look out for on the High Street – New vegan finds

There seems to be some great new vegan products out there so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do an update, just in case you hadn’t already heard/seen/tried them yet. I’ll not waffle too much about each item – no pun intended-  as there’s quite a few 🙂  Starting off, the excellent news that Tesco have launched a vegan friendly Rocky Road reached us and we were aghast. Asda has had a Free From version for a while but that unfortunately contained beef gelatin. We have yet to see this product in our local store so will keep you posted on what we think when we’ve had a chance to try it.

These Mint Oreos have been around for a little while now. For those who miss Viscount biccies these are a god send. Incredibly moreish!

It’s great to see these Fruit Splits on offer in Tesco. Suitable for vegans, these will also be great for children with milk and gluten intolerances. There’s also some dairy free cones in the frozen section of the supermarket in Toffee and Strawberry flavours.Picking up the accidentally vegan waffle cones has revolutionised quick desserts for us. Using Alpro’s readily available range of ice creams means I can cobble together a simple pud if we’re craving something sweet.

Many of the supermarket brand ice cream sauces may be suitable too, so it’s worth examining the bottles. A drizzle over some strawberries and vanilla ice cream makes the world of difference.Of course, if you fancy something special there’s always the Booja-Booja ice cream flavours to try out in a cone. These are available at Holland & Barrett and Alternative Stores online.Morrisons have also widened their ranges to include more Free From products, clearly feeling like they were lagging behind Sainsbury’s and Tesco for accommodating those with dietary requirements. With a line of dairy free sweet treats like coconut lollies I may have to start shopping there myself!

Dinky loves these bear shaped ice creams we picked up from Alternative Stores. We’ve heard they are also available in Morrisons too.

Mayflower (available at Home Bargains) have a range of sauces that are suitable for vegans. This Southern Style Gravy, paired with Asda’s vegan friendly Popcorn Chicken, is a dead ringer for KFC for those who miss a bucket!

Farmfoods have launched a range of frozen meat alternatives to the market labelled as suitable for vegans. I have never ventured into the store before but decided to pick these up to give them a try. At £1.49 a packet/box they are excellent value for money. I’m told the sausages are made by the same manufacturer as Linda McCartney’s too. You can read more about the range here. I also picked up some frozen veg while there which will probably last a week that was 5 bags for £4. The total was a mere £17, which included some tinned goods and soft drinks. I’ll definitely return to do an economical ‘freezer’ shop in the near future. Save the pennies, look after the pounds 🙂

These Pea & Pinto Bean snacks from Off The Eaten Path are surprisingly addictive. Appearing in Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets, they are definitely ones to watch

This new line of dairy, nut, and gluten free chocolate called So Free from Plamil didn’t last long in our house. With Milk, Orange, Mint, Coconut Blossom and a few other varieties available at £2.75 a bar keep an eye out for it in vegan retailers and health food stores locally.

I’m personally not a fan of Fry’s chocolate but it seems many are still unaware that the Chocolate Cream is suitable for vegans. 

It is great to see Sweet Freedom have a chocolate spread now on sale in supermarkets like Sainsbury’s. I personally prefer Nature’s Stores version, but still good to have options.

Pudology’s dairy and gluten free Chocolate Pots are now also available in Sainsbury’s. Some of these desserts contain egg so worth checking the label before purchasing. 

Award-winning Doisy & Dam have also been spotted on the shelves on Sainsbury’s and will be seen in other supermarkets soon.

Califia have also launched in Sainsbury’s with a range of cold brew coffees and plant milk based drinks. Retailing between £2.40 and £2.95 for 750ml they are on the expensive side in my opinion, but it is great that these alternatives are becoming more widely available.

Last but not least is this accidentally vegan Sriracha Mayo which I found in Tesco. One for spice fans, this has a real kick to it and worked well with our homemade veggie burgers.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. Jenny Edwards

    The Mayflower gravy looks amazing, I would have never thought there’d be a Vegan version of the KFC gravy! This is such a helpful post!

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Thank you! There’s another post in the offing about some more great products I found just this weekend 🙂

  2. Fay

    The Booja Booja is also available in Waitrose. Didn’t realise the mayflower stuff was vegan. I do miss chips with gravy or curry sauce as we’ve not found a chip shop that doesn’t fry foods altogether or is free of soya oil. I struggle to have any kind of takeaway where we live 😩

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      We struggle too, although for different reasons. I’m not sure what the contamination warning is on Mayflower so its worth checking before buying.

  3. Sammie

    I found that mayo on offer in my local aldi recently. I stocked up because I panicked it would be one of their weekly specials and then just disappear into the ether never to be seen again, so I’m glad it’s also at Tesco!


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