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One of the supermarkets lagging behind in terms of its vegan offering is Asda, although it seems with the introduction of their own dairy free cheese they are trying to regain some ground. I was pleased to hear about this launch as I’d found it difficult to find vegan alternatives in my own local store, even struggling to locate Violife on the shelves. The expansion of the Free From range has meant that they have created a specific section in the chilled aisle, making the hunt for suitable products less arduous for me. 

Walking around the supermarket I also discovered two new biscuit ranges have recently hit the shelves which are accidentally vegan, although the packets state they are not suitable for those with allergies. Asda’s Choc Chip Cookie Bites are similar to Fox’s Cookie Minis (which I shared news of in my Veganuary round-up here) but retail at just 85p. Another purse-friendly ‘copy cat’ product are their own brand Oreo style Cookies & Cream biscuits, which are on sale for just 49p. I was interested in trying out Asda’s new vegan Panna Cotta (£1 for two), which is free of many allergens.

I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the taste these desserts, mainly on account of them being made with coconut oil and cream. You seriously can’t escape the overwhelming taste, and the texture wasn’t as creamy as the original it was supposed to replicate. 

The Mature Cheddar alternative, on the other hand, was pretty good. It melted well and had a slight nutty taste like the dairy version would have. 

Due to how similar Asda’s is to the Tesco version of the same dairy free alternative, I predict Asda will also launch other flavours in due course. 

It seems a shame there isn’t a lot of difference- to me, at least – between the three big supermarkets’ lines of dairy substitutes (Sainsbury’s included), although I’m happy these products have been launched in the first place as it makes veganism so much more accessible to the masses. A little more choice and the use of something other than coconut oil in their production would be good to see going forward. They are all using Bute Island, who manufacture the Sheese range, as their supplier.

If you feel compelled to visit Asda now they have these new products available, make sure to stop by the freezer section to pick up their meat-free Popcorn Chicken. We’re big fans! 2018 is definitely the year when being vegan becomes the ‘norm’.

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