Ben and Jerry’s Dairy Free Hits the UK

Twitter and Facebook is awash at the moment with chatter about Ben & Jerry’s dairy free varieties hitting the shelves of Tesco. Exclusively available at the supermarket chain until Jan 2018, there was a real buzz as people shared places they’d managed to pick up tubs of the almond milk dessert.

At £5.50 it is more expensive than other dairy free ice creams on the market like Alpro and Swedish Glace, but these tubs are packed with premium additions.  I did consider that it might be cheaper to buy some biscuits and crumble them up into one of these other brands and save a couple of quid! There are three flavours currently on sale in the UK: Peanut Butter & Cookies, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chunky Monkey. In the US the vegan ice cream line has a few more varieities on offer, and hopefully they will arrive over on these shores in the not too distant future. I’d love to try out the Caramel Almond Brittle they have.

Labelled as vegan, this helps when locating them in the freezer section amongst the other tubs. It also means I don’t have to whip out my glasses to scrutinise the ingredients. 

I picked up the PB & Cookies flavour first (Kingston Park, Newcastle) and was instantly impressed by how creamy it was. Loaded with Oreo type cookie pieces, there was also a generous swirl of salty chunky peanut butter to stop the vanilla ice cream becoming sickly. As someone not normally fond of PB I was surprised at how enjoyable this combination is. 

I found the Chocolate Fudge Brownie in my local Tesco store in Gateshead (Trinity Square) and managed to grab the last tub. I think I must have been unlucky as there weren’t as many brownie pieces in the ice cream as I’d found with the cookie version. It was a rich and smooth dessert and will be a chocoholics dream come true. For those who say they couldn’t be vegan because they’d miss chocolate? Give this a try. I personally don’t feel there’s a big difference between the dairy and non-dairy versions of this Ben & Jerry’s flavour.

The Chunky Monkey version was the last I was able to lay my hands on. It transpires that this flavour was discontinued a few years ago and has returned again to the frozen aisles in its vegan form. I found the smooth banana ice cream was quite sweet and strong, but the walnuts weren’t as plentiful as I was hoping for. The chocolate chunks worked well with the flavour and were good quality. I think if you gave this to a non-vegan they’d be pleasantly surprised by how creamy and tasty this dairy free version really is.

So far, so good. Ben and Jerry’s have clearly spent a lot of time developing these non-dairy ice creams and I, for one, am thrilled to see more vegan products arriving in the supermarkets. Once the pot is open you can get perhaps 5 servings from it or, like me, you’ll eat it straight from the tub in two sittings while watching Celebrity Masterchef. I personally think £5.50 is expensive, and I felt a little put out when the dairy versions have been slashed to half price on promotion by the retailer. Hopefully as the demand grows for the product, the prices will adjust according. Until then, this will absolutely have to be a treat for us. This is probably a blessing in disguise for my skinny jeans!

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  1. Sam | Mrs Mulled Wine - A UK Christmas Blog

    Fab that there are some Vegan friendly versions available from Ben & Jerrys now – I hope they have these options at the cinema too x

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      It’s great to see and I can’t wait for more places to adopt it. Instead of sorbet restaurants can very easily buy dairy free ice cream and I hope they start to out in more of an effort accordingly x


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