Canny Launch – The Town Wall, Newcastle

Bottles VisualI’ve been following the progress of Canny, a local business which has created a range of ‘clean’ milkshakes, for a while now on Twitter. I started to follow initially because of the shared moniker, but my interest grew after doing some research into the idea behind the range. Jnr is a huge fan of milkshakes, but those found in the supermarkets are packed with colourings and artificial flavourings.

image imageBoth Jnr and I are outside the targeted 18-34 demographic, alongside vegan Mr. Canny (38), but that didn’t stop us venturing along ahead of the launch event held at The Town Wall to have a nose and a sample. In development for 18 months, a lot of thought has clearly been put into developing the product and working on a strategy. Canny is the UK’s only 100% naturally flavoured milkshake, which comes in 4 flavours. Jnr’s favourite flavour is usually Banana, while mine is Vanilla. He was disappointed not to be joining me to try them out, but I promised to bring some home for him to sample. Mr. Canny was more than happy to stick to the ales on offer in the pub instead.

image imageThe shakes come in four flavours – Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana. Canny use fruit as flavouring, vegetables to provide colour and a plant derivative as a thickening agent. I’ll admit I was unsure about whether I’d enjoy the shakes, mainly because I have a notorious sweet tooth. I also know my own attempts at making healthier milkshakes have not been very successful! Mixing fresh banana and milk has never resulted in anything as good as Maccie D’s produces, health concerns aside.

imageI was pleasantly surprised by the flavour, and as you can tell by the ingredients listed there aren’t any hidden nasties. With 5% banana puree included, it tasted super banana-y, which it should. Liam is certainly passionate about the brand, and told me that normal brands just contain 1.8% puree. It’s also fantastic that 5% of the profits are being donated to the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, which is one of the stockists. Cartons are retailing at £1.59 a carton, which isn’t cheap, but compared to Frijj and its E numbers I know which one I would chose for myself or Jnr. Plans are afoot for world domination, and I wish the Canny team every success.image

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