Farmfoods Veggie Kitchen Range – Update

In the summer I reviewed each of the new Veggie Kitchen products from Farmfoods, which you can read here. I was pleased to discover that the range had been expanded and two new items had been added recently so felt I needed to do an update. Unfortunately only one is suitable for vegans, the other (a Garlic Kiev) contains milk.

I’ll admit I haven’t ventured in other than to stockpile on the veggie mince and meatballs, those items being our favourites from the vegan-friendly line. There are many other accidentally SFV products available from Farmfoods so a proper browse through the freezers is advisable. I know many love Mayflower, and these ready meals are a great option when you’ve been out for a few drinks and struggling to get a vegan takeaway. At 2 for £2 they’re a bargain.

These Aunt Bessie’s Crumbles are a good standby item for when you’re craving something sweet. A winter treat topped with Oatly Custard or homemade using Birds powder and some plant milk, it isn’t that hard to find vegan-friendly desserts in the shops. For those with a sweet tooth, Farmfoods also sell Fry’s Chocolate and Peppermint Creams in 3 packs too.

The newly launched Chicken Poppers are very similar to the line Asda launched earlier in the year. I think they’ll be a big hit with the family, especially for vegans who have families who still eat meat. Even my picky Teen asks for these over the meat alternatives. Quick and simple to cook – in the oven for around 20 minutes – they’re a great standby item to have at your disposal.

I was slightly disappointed that the Kievs weren’t SFV, especially as I foolishly didn’t scrutinise the ingredients until AFTER I’d purchased them. I shouldn’t be making rookie mistakes like that as I approach my 1st vegan anniversary!

The Veggie Kitchen Range is currently on offer alongside Linda McCartney items in Farmfoods at 3 for £5.

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