New Vegan Supermarket Finds

It is always exciting to discover or hear about new products that are SFV (suitable for vegans). It seems there’s a sudden boom, especially in the supermarkets, for food items that are free from. I’ve tried a few out recently and decided to share them with you 🙂

Quorn Vegan Fish Fingers

I have mentioned these fish finger substitutes already (you can read a post about cheat products here) but thought they were worth mentioning again.

These are perfect for families with kids or for anyone craving a sarnie when they’re hungover. Incredibly similar in taste and texture to the real deal, some might not even notice the difference. Our non-vegan son adores them.

Quorn Vegan Nuggets

Another of the Teen’s favourites and such a realistic substitute product. Available now in Tesco and most other supermarkets. We try to team these up with salad and other veggies so he has a more balanced diet, but we’re happy he likes these vegan alternatives as much as the chicken variety.

Tesco Apple Strudel

A great item to have in the freezer on standby for a family supper dessert. Free from eggs and dairy, you won’t find this in the vegetarian or vegan section of the supermarket but it is definitely SFV. We serve with Alpro ice cream or Oatly custard. Delicious.

Tyne Chease Cashew Truffle

Clearly not available from the supermarket, but I couldn’t do a post about new finds and not talk about Tyne Chease’s new flavour!

The truffle aroma is prominent the moment you unwrap the round of cheese but isn’t overpowering. Like most of the varieties it is so addictive for us it only lasted a day in our house! Slightly more expensive than the other varieties at £8.95 it will be a great addition to the cheese board for a special occasion. You can find out more here.

Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny

For those who struggle at the moment walking down the seasonal aisle in the supermarkets and feel saddened that there aren’t a a lot of Easter alternatives out there for us take heart! Lindt have created a dark chocolate bunny that is SFV and those who are dairy free (although allergen advice may dictate you stay away because of cross contamination) complete with little bell. I’m not a big fan as I’m not really keen on the dark varieties, but those with a more sophisticated palate will probably love this. I’m quite excited to try out local company Essy & Bella’s version, which is made with rice milk instead.

Cauldron’s New Vegan Products

Featuring vegan sausages and burgers, Cauldron have introduced some new lines that are SFV alongside their tofu and falafel.

I personally found these sausages quite spicy, but I am known for having a delicate palate. Perfect with mash for a new spin on the classic or with a fry up for something a bit different, I found these in Sainsbury’s frozen food section.

Nature’s Store Dark Chocolate Bars

This is where I contradict myself slightly and say I’m fond of these bars as a snack, despite the dark chocolate. I think it is because it’s a smattering of the chips rather than a chunk of the slightly bitter chocolate that is used in these low calorie snacks. Available from Tesco, I’m sure they’ll be popular with Mums who want to add a treat to their child’s packed lunch.

Belvita Breakfast Tops (Choco-Hazelnut)

These biscuits are my elevenses since I’ve returned to work. Foil wrapped into packs of three, I always stock up on boxes when they are on special. Not all varieties of this range are SFV so it is worth checking the ingredients before purchasing. I stick to these ones as they are my clear favourite. The chocolate topping tastes like Nutella ??

Linda McCartney Frozen Scampi Bites

Along with these miniature Sausage Roll the Linda McCartney range is certainly making family meals that are vegetarian and vegan friendly easier. There are a few varieties of the sausage rolls now to chose from in the range and they are perfect for popping in a packed lunch, as a snack or on a buffet.

I’m personally not a fan of the Scampi as I never liked the real thing. Psychologically it is too much for me, even though I know they are made from a plant based alternative. The Teen gives these a thumbs up, and it will be great for those who miss out on Fish Fridays.

Quorn Soups

These soups, which you will find in the chilled section amongst their other products, are handy for work lunches. Incredibly filling, both the Red Thai and Moroccan soup include Quorn’s vegan pieces.

Amy’s Ready Meals

At home we don’t have a microwave so I’ve always avoided ready meals like this. If you have to cook something for 30-40 mins in the oven you can easily create a speedy Vegetable Stroganoff in the same time!

I’ve bought a few of these Amy’s meals since my return to work as the canteen doesn’t really stock much that would be suitable for me other than salad and a dry jacket potato.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s both have started to stock these meals, but it is worth checking the one you choose is SFV as some of Amy’s products are just dairy or gluten free instead. I personally like the Chinese Vegetable Noodles, with even my colleagues commenting on how appetising it looked.

Jus Roll Chilled Pastry Products

Jus Roll have a variety of pastry items available in the chilled section that are SFV, including these Cinnamon Whirls and the Pain au Chocolate. Tesco often have special offers on these, so I tend to buy a few for lazy weekend breakfasts. The family love waking up to the smell of freshly baked pastries 🙂

Fox’s Party Rings

I’m sure most people by now know Party Rings are suitable, along with the Bourbon biscuits in most supermarkets and Hob Nobs. Great for watching the TV and dunking into your cuppa, I have also listed a few other supermarket treats you may be surprised are suitable in another post which you can read here.

Local vegan shops like Alternative Stores are a treasure trove for new finds. We found this tofu kebab substitute there and it made a great fakeaway for us as a family. We also topped it with Plamil vegan Mayo we also purchased from there. Holland & Barrett is also somewhere I regularly visit and get excited when I find swathes of reduced items in their freezers from Fry’s and VBites that I can pop away for future use.

Thanks for reading,

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