Hooba Foods – Vegan Toad in the Hole Recipe

A little while ago I wrote about a brunch we had at the fantastic Harissa Kitchen. The meat-free sausages used by this independent eatery in Sandyford were the best we tasted and immediately asked where they were from. We find so many places use Linda McCartney as the vegetarian and vegan alternative, which are nice, but the general consensus was that these were so good they could actually pass as meat.imageWith this in mind I did some research on Hooba Foods, the creators of these sausages. I discovered they also sold Sausage Rolls, Burgers and Mince, which are all made using the same mushroom meat replacement product they’ve devised. Reading the ethos behind the company, like trying to reduce the amount of meat consumed, resonated with us as a family. It was doing research on sustainability that led Mr. Canny to become vegan. Industrialised meat production is not healthy for the planet, and if everyone cut down on the amount of animal products they consumed it can help minimise the impact on the environment.

Hooba also have a range of 50/50 products, which are aimed at people who want to reduce the amount of meat they consume. This line also includes meatballs, which have been created mixing meat with the mushroom protein.imageFully vegan, we were impressed with the quality of the meat-free options. Our favourites remain the sausages, which we think are the best on the market we’ve tried. Thanks to the mushrooms they still contain protein – like meat – but have fewer calories, are fat-free, cholesterol-free and low in sodium. The sausage rolls are also fantastic and will be a firm favourite with the kids for a fast snack. I’ve even given them to Mr. Canny in his work lunchbox 🙂

imageAt just £2.56 for an 8-pack of sausages they are good value. They really look like the real deal straight out of the pack too!  I cut some up after cooking and added them to my dairy and egg-free Yorkshire Pudding batter recipe to make individual Vegan Toad in the Holes. Served on their own with mash and a tasty onion gravy they will also make a great midweek supper.imageimageI tried the burgers out with Violife Cheese melted on the top. The Teen really liked them, but I personally feel the texture is too much like processed meat to be appealing to me. I think they’ll probably work better on the grill or BBQs in the summer as I cooked ours in a frying pan and felt they dried out during the cooking process.

With food like this available on the market it is easier to be a vegan. I have signed up for Veganuary next month with the idea that I am going to make a permanent transition over from vegetarianism in the New Year. Watch this space!

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  1. Alena

    Am I cooking these wrong? I put them in a 190 preheated oven for around 30 minutes. And although I like the taste I always find the outside casing to be a little tough and plastic like. Has anyone else has this issue?

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      The instructions are to cook them for less than 30 mins, even in the oven. I always do mine for around 15-20 mins after brushing with a little oil first and have not found them to be tough. They are very realistic and the casing reminds me a lot of ‘real’ sausage however.

      1. Alena

        Do you do them at 190? I’ll give them another go.


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